Baseball Prospectus Releases A Surprising Mets Top Ten Prospect List

Jason Parks of Baseball Prospectus released their Top 10 Mets Prospects this morning, which included a couple of interesting surprises.

  1. RHP Noah Syndergaard
  2. Travis d’Arnaud
  3. 3B Wilmer Flores
  4. RHP Rafael Montero
  5. SS Amed Rosario
  6. 1B Dominic Smith
  7. OF Cesar Puello
  8. Kevin Plawecki
  9. CF Brandon Nimmo
  10. RHP Marcos Molina

Marcos Molina jumps right out as he’s one player I’ve yet to see on any Mets top prospect list, especially in the top ten. Here is what BP writes about him:

We might be a year premature by ranking a relative unknown like Molina this high in a very good system, but the scouting reports were excellent in his stateside debut, and a conversation with one front office source (outside the org) really sealed his placement on this list. When discussing Molina, it was mentioned that if the 18-year-old were available for inclusion in the rule 4 draft, the highly athletic 6-foot-3, 190 lb. righty would be considered a first-round talent.

Another nice surprise was seeing Cesar Puello on someone’s top ten other than MMO. BP said he has the potential to be a first division type player. I think that might be another way of saying an All Star and there’s nothing wrong with that.

As a parting thought they write:

This is a very good farm system that will take a hit with likely major-league promotions for their top four prospects, but the strong depth coming out of short-season ball could keep the Mets in the top-10 farm discussion for the foreseeable future.

Nice job as I particularly like prospect lists that think out of the box and dare to be a little different.