MMO Fan Shot: Building A Lineup From The Current Mets Roster

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An MMO Fan Shot by David Eckert

With the recent additions of Curtis Granderson and Chris Young, the New York Mets have improved their lineup significantly, or so it would seem. Neither of these signings comes without risk, but they seem solid enough at the moment. Combine them with the potential for improvement in Travis d’Arnaud and Juan Lagares, the Mets should see a decent increase in their run production next season. Also, there is no way Ike Davis (if he isn’t traded) can be as bad as he was last year, right? With that said, let’s take a look at the lineup I would use if I was in Terry Collins’ shoes.

1. CF Juan Lagares

The Mets, yet again, are without a true leadoff hitter. So, they are going to have to make do with what they have. Lagares’ glove is too good to not have him in the lineup on an everyday basis. Typically, you don’t use someone who is playing because of his defense as your leadoff hitter, but, as I said before, the Mets don’t have many options. Despite his struggles with the bat last season, Juan has hit very well in the Dominican Winter League this offseason. He has good speed, and if he can learn to walk more, he has the potential to be a good leadoff hitter in the big leagues. If Lagares fails here and shortstop Ruben Tejada shows that 2013 was just a hiccup, maybe you see him batting 1st for the Mets at some point in 2014.

2. 2B Daniel Murphy

Murphy was the 2nd best hitter on the Mets throughout the season last year. Although he was rather inconsistent, he was a doubles machine and showed a lot of improvement running the bases. The defense still isn’t very good, but I’ll trade that for another good bat in the order.

3. 3B David Wright

David is obviously the best hitter and all-around player on the team. The only way you see someone else in the 3-hole is if he is injured.

4. RF Curtis Granderson

Ah yes, the cleanup hitter that Mets fans have been waiting to see. Obviously his homerun totals are going to be a little down from his years with the Yankees due to age and not playing in one of the most hitter friendly parks in baseball. But, he should still be productive, and act as that all important protection for David.

5. LF Chris Young

The Young signing has the potential to be one of the best or one of the worst made this offseason. Chris has not been the same the past couple of years, but if he can somehow turn it around and play like he did with Arizona, the Mets will have found a diamond in the rough. On opening day, he should be hitting fifth because of his power, and because he is right-handed, hitting behind the lefty Granderson. If you put Ike Davis here, teams will be able to get 2 outs from their lefty specialist in the late innings. Young likely forces them to take the specialist out after facing Granderson.

6. 1B Ike Davis

I really hope that the Mets keep Ike Davis. I am probably in the minority here, but I am just not ready to give up on him. If he reaches his potential he can be a guy that gives you anywhere from 30-40 homers a year. Because of this, I think you’ve got to put him in the 6 spot. Doing this also allows you to have lefties and righties alternating down the order until you get to the 7 and 8 spots. If he plays well, you may see him move up throughout the season.

7. C Travis d’Arnaud

Travis’ disappointed with the bat a bit during his first taste of the majors a year ago, but I think most Mets fans, including myself, think he can improve in his sophomore campaign. If he stays healthy, I think he hits pretty well and is a contributor for the Mets this year.

8. SS Ruben Tejada

Ruben is another player that just wants to make you rip your hair out sometimes. In 2012 1t age 22, he gave all of us a taste of how good he can be. What did he do for a follow up? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. However, there is a possibility that he returns to form. But, until he does, he should be in the 8th spot.

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