Yankees Clinch On A Walk-off Home Run By Ike Davis

Ike Davis

Marty Noble penned a new post for MLB.com where he ponders a world where the Mets trade Ike Davis to the New York Yankees. It’s a terrifying world filled with ghastly apparitions of former Mets players turned Yankee pinstriped heroes, and ungodly visions of former Mets hurling no-hitters or launching game winning home runs in postseason play. Alright I’m exaggerating a little… Here’s what he writes:

In the first moments following Cashman’s words, my mind jumped far ahead and linked what I had heard, the Yankees’ possible need, with the Mets’ desire to unload a first baseman. Hmmm. I didn’t think logically — I recognize that now. I didn’t consider that the Mets probably wouldn’t consider dealing a player with the potential of Ike Davis to a team with a short right field and an area code identical to their own.

Moving Davis to the Bronx doesn’t have a fastball’s chance in Hades of happening, if only for that reason. But what if? What if the Yankees developed interest in Ike’s left-handed swing, and the Mets addressed their overpopulation at first base by sending Davis crosstown and he became the next Roger Maris? Or merely the next Kevin Maas.

How would the Mets deal with that? They weren’t too comfortable when their homegrowns, Darryl Strawberry and Dwight Gooden, played for champion Yankees teams. Nor were they delighted when David Cone became a high-profile Yankees contributor. What in the name of Nolan Ryan would they do if they dealt Davis to the Yankees and he found the form he demonstrated in the second half of the 2012 season? What would they do if Ike bombarded the area inhabited by the Bleacher Creatures and points south and in fair territory?

Exactly… What would they do? I guess we’d do what we did all those other times… Cower in the corner and pout.

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