Rave Reviews From MMO Staff To Curtis Granderson Signing!

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The Mets have agreed to sign free agent outfielder Curtis Granderson to a four-year deal according to Joel Sherman of the NY Post. Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports reports that the deal is worth $60 million dollars or a $15 million annual average.

Here are some reactions from our staff on today’s blockbuster news for the Mets…

David Conde – Finally the Mets bring an impact player to Queens. I am very excited to see Granderson in a Mets uniform and playing alongside Lagares. If Chris Young rejuvenates his career with the Mets, so far the 2014 season looks a lot more exciting. But still need to make a few more moves, by solidifying the infield, so still more to do, but I am pleased with this signing.

Stephanie Sheehan – Thank God! With all the recent hullabaloo that has been taking place in the free agent market recently, it’s great that Sandy got in there and finally did something; not to mention the contract is a good length and price. However, this should not be a stopping point. Now that he made his first move, this should be a push to go make some more moves and get actual starting-caliber players in our lineup. Hopefully our fences will treat Granderson nicely…

Christina Montana – Very happy that it got done. This deal was not only for Mets fans to begin to regain confidence in the Mets future, but also to show Wright they weren’t lying just for a discount and to show other free agents that it’s not solely a bargain-bin team. Look forward to seeing the moves that follow this.

Matt Balasis – They had to do it, if only to placate the masses. Nevertheless Grandy is a good fit and (by all accounts) a great guy. A little concerned about how his power will play in Citi but hey didn’t they like Bay because his power profile was a good fit for Citi’s dimensions?

Jim McCormick – I do not love Granderson but it’s great seeing the Mets make a deal like this, as long as he can avoid getting his hand hit by a pitch this year. We have all been waiting for them to make a splash and now that this deal has been made it sets the Mets up for a variety of other moves. He should be a great help for David Wright and others in this lineup. Going into winter meetings the Mets will have a clearer plan and will be able to focus their efforts on some other holes.

Joe Spector – I would have preferred a 3-year deal with a 4th option, but it is what it is. He’s very athletic which is a plus, so hopefully if he stays healthy, he won’t deteriorate quite as fast. Overall, a decent signing.

John Ginder – I am probably in the minority here but I am pretty happy that he signed here. The years are a bit of a concern but a player like Granderson is a great addition. Looking forward to what he can bring to the table and interested to see how this benefits the rest of the lineup.

Corey March – It was necessary for the team to begin on the path toward success. I am cautiously optimistic that his numbers will translate over to Citi Field. However, with that said, it will not be as easy to hide a .230 batting average and a 28% strikeout rate as it was for the Yankees. Overall I expect to get a few solid years out of Granderson as he provides power and leadership that this club needs to turn things around.

Tommy Rothman – Was it a good value? I think so. Hunter Pence got $90 Million, Choo is asking for over $100 million, Ellsbury got over $150 million, Cruz wants at least $75 million… so the fact that the Mets got a very good player like Granderson for $60 million surprises me a bit. The Mets now have an outfield of Granderson, Chris Young, and Juan Lagares. That’s 3 natural center fielders and 2 players who have recently been in an All-Star game. Granderson gives the Mets power that they desperately need, so if he stays healthy, it seems like a great deal, and it’s not exactly a mega-contract if things go awry. Value aside… the Mets got somebody. They brought in a big name for the first time in years, and showed that they may be ready to re-enter the “steak section”, to use Scott Boras’s term. This is a big step in terms of showing the fans that they are serious about getting a competitive team back on the field in Flushing. As a Mets fan, I am ecstatic right now. Progress. Finally.

Rusty – I’m pleased with the signing – we really needed that bat in the lineup – just hoping he doesn’t turn into the second coming of George Foster : The Mets Years

Tom Watson – I think they overpaid a little for Granderson, but I think that’s ok. He’s not a franchise savior. They still have a ton of holes, and I’m not a believer in the Young signing at all. They’re buying his years from 33 to 36 with high strikeouts and lower production. That said, he’s good defender still and his injuries didn’t seem to be the nagging kind – more freakish. I’m happy he’s coming to Citi Field, but wish he was a secondary acquisition among other big acquisitions in this long-promised, “game changing” 2013-14 off-season. I think they almost had to sign Grandy or face a serious fan revolt. So this gives them a pulse, and decent outfielder besides.

Barry Duchan – Something the Mets had to do before the winter meetings. No one can predict what Grandy will do for the Mets or if he’ll stay healthy, but he’s a good guy, good outfielder, hustles, a positive clubhouse influence and far superior to Nelson Cruz other than for pure power.

Zack Drisko – I could look at his 2013, but that’s not what today is about. Here’s to four 40-home run seasons with the Mets!

DrDooby – Granderson is a strong athlete with a good chance to age well. Think Torii Hunter who signed a 5-year deal with the Angels at the same age and is still going strong on his next deal or Mike Cameron who was under-appreciated in NY but remained a strong player through his age 36 season. The Mets needed a dependable power bat who can be expected to hit 25 to 30 HR per year. Of course, just one piece – with several more needed…

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