This Day In Mets Infamy With Rusty: Five More Promotional Days I Want To See

Auguste clown

Earlier in the day yesterday  among all the speculation and the harsh reality that ensued after a few cryptic quotes from Mets C.O.O, Jeff Wilpon, the Mets revealed that no they were not about to announce a trade nor did they announce the signing of a power bat. But what they did unveil were the promotional dates for next season which included post game concerts by ’80’s pop rock stalwarts Huey Lewis and the News along with the platinum selling R&B act from the ’90’s, Boyz II Men in addition to mainstay promos such as the ever popular Fireworks Night and a new twist on T-Shirt Tuesdays now called Free-Shirt Fridays.

These promotions are all well and good , but there should be five additional promotional dates for us fans to sink our teeth into – especially if there aren’t any sweeping changes made to the teams roster this off season.

Here are some promotional dates that I would love to see – although I clearly understand that the powers that be will likely never give the green light on any of them…

Lee Mazzilli Black Velvet Portrait Day: Hey, if this franchise is destined to be mired in a mid-to-late ’70’s like funk, why not embrace it by offering up the quintessential seventies art décor. (black light not included)

Mike Cubbage Appreciation Day: Why not embrace the much maligned third base coach and interim manager from the early to mid ’90’s team?

Schizophrenia Awareness Night: Free tickets for all your multiple personalities with the purchase of one regularly priced ticket for yourself.

Obscure Met Day: A day to honor the men who donned the orange and blue Mets caps – even if we vaguely remember them . Some notable players to be hailed include Chico Walker, Doc Medich and Kelvin Torve.

And lastly ……..

Mo Vaughn Lookalike Day: It doesn’t matter if you look like the rotund first baseman, everyone still gets a free Mo Vaughn diet book “A Fridge To Far” with admission anyway.

And with that said…. HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!!!

Mets alumni celebrating a birthday today include:

Mr “Fear Strikes Out” himself, outfielder, Jimmy Piersall  is 85 (1929). Jimmy will always be remembered for running the bases backwards after hitting his 100th career homerun as a Met which prompted his quick release at the behest of then manager Casey Stengel.

Spot starter and middle reliever from ’64-’66, Darrell Sutherland  is 72 (1941).

Middle reliever from the ’05 season, Tim Hamulack is 37 (1976).

Outfielder/first baseman from the ’06 season, Xavier Nady  is 35 (1978).

Other Met notables include:

Sadly, on this date in 2004, reserve catcher from ’63-’65, Jesse Gonder passed away.

The New York Mets released catcher, Gary Carter on November 14, 1989. This truly marked the end of the glory days that were the winning Mets teams of the ’80’s.

The Atlanta Braves signed utility infielder, Jorge Velandia of the New York Mets as a free agent on November 14, 2003.

The only thing scarier than Mo Vaughn at an “All You Can Eat Buffet” is Jeff Wilpon speaking to the Media!!!

Jeff Wilpon

“We have 4-5 balls in the air right now, something’s cooking.”