Ricciardi On Losing Draft Pick: I Don’t Know If We’ll Be Involved With Those Types Of Guys


Steve Adams of MLBTR had a chance to talk to J.P.Ricciardi, Sandy Alderson’s special assistant. He gave some interesting quotes, noting that the Mets were more focused in adding offensive players and that they are confident about where team stands o pitching.

“I think the one thing in our favor right now is our pitching in our organization is getting closer to being big-league ready, so that makes us say that we might have some in-house options.”

“So maybe we wouldn’t even be as inclined to go out and look at that market…we have a lot of holes in our lineup,” said Ricciardi.

Adams said that JP felt that the Mets were committed to Travis d’Arnaud at catcher, but he was less committed to Juan Lagares — although he stated that Lagares is certainly the center fielder right now.

He also went on to say that it was unlikely the Mets would surrender more than one draft pick:

“I don’t know if we’ll be that involved with those type of guys. Like I said, it has to be the right guy for us to even do one, so I can’t really sit here and tell you that we’re probably thinking about doing two.”

He also didn’t state any specific position where they were trying to improve, as Adams states here…”Asked if he had a preference toward right or left handed batters or corner outfielders versus shortstops, Ricciardi simply replied, ‘I would say ‘bats. We need to improve our offense.”

This doesn’t seem like anything shocking, although I’m personally biased towards keeping Juan Lagares in center field if you can build a solid offense around him. If players that are horrible on defense but provide offensive talent can be tolerated, the reverse could be done at a premium position for defense.

His quote about the draft picks also worried me — “…it has to be the right guy for us to even do one.” That sounds like a built-in excuse — and a lot like the words we heard coming out of the Mets last offseason.

Plus I want to prove Joe D. wrong as he’s drilled into my head that the Mets going after any of those 13 players who refused qualifying offers was the stuff of legends and fairy tales.

Buckle up, fans… it’s going to be a long ride.