Mets To Scale Back At Shortstop, Amazins’ Out On Peralta and Drew

Looks like everything is going according to plan… My plan not the Mets’ plan…

As expected, it didn’t take long for the reality of this market to hit home with the front office and with about 30% of their entire payroll budget now spent with the signing of Chris Young for $7.25 million, expect the Mets to finally back off on all those whimsical and unrealistic scenarios they were painting up until a week ago.

Mike Puma of the New York Post has been talking to the Mets this morning and they have trimmed that wish list from about seven players down to four.

stephen drewThe Mets’ checklist, according to a team official, has been cut to two bats, one starting pitcher and one reliever.

When Sandy Alderson revealed his wish list as two outfielders, one veteran backup catcher, one shortstop, two innings eaters, and one late inning closer, you may remember me saying that was “absolutely unrealistic and impossible to do with only $30 million to spend.” And so it is…

Furthermore, get used to the possibility of Ruben Tejada getting another full shot at shortstop next season as the Mets have deemed Jhonny Peralta and Stephen Drew as out of reach. They could possibly sign Rafael Furcal, but as I said last week, “why spend money on Furcal when there’s a chance you get better production from Tejada?”

I wrote on twitter that there’s more than a good chance that the Young signing will likely be Sandy’s biggest splash this offseason.

Alderson finally got his payroll flexibility which he hasn’t had his first three offseasons with the Mets.

Let’s see what he does with that $30 million dollars… That’s a lot of money… So far he has about $22 million left to spend for those of you keeping count.


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