Mets Ranked 11th Best Potential Free Agent Destination

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I found an interesting post on the Bleacher Report, that states the Mets are Ranked #11 out of the 30 major league teams, as a potential free agent destination.

The Bleacher Report Ranking System:


Team Overview

The New York Mets have posted five straight losing seasons and have not reached the playoffs since 2006. But that may soon change, as they have a big offseason ahead of them. A payroll that was as high as $149 million in 2009 was down to $93 million in 2013 and now has another $40 million-plus coming off the books this offseason.

Losing Matt Harvey to Tommy John surgery hurts the team’s 2014 outlook, but with a handful of talented young arms and David Wright locked up to anchor the lineup, this is a team that could turn things around quickly with a big off-season of free-agent signings.

The thing that stands out with the Mets is the ton of payroll room they now have and the young talented pitchers ready to take flight.

They now have something that can be an attractive bargaining tool when speaking with free agents who are looking for an opportunity to land on a team that is working hard to make a run at it.  And where the Mets stand right now makes them an attractive organization whether you want to believe that or not.

But if this ranking is any inclination of what can happen this winter, Mets fans will be watching a good quality team in 2014 and finally fans will have something to cheer about. Well that is the ultimate hope.

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