Should The Mets Look Into Dee Gordon?

During our chat session last night, one of our participants (William Li) asked us about three buy-low candidates for the Mets: Josh Reddick, Dee Gordon, and Didi Gregorius.

Christina and I were on opposite ends of the spectrum, as she ranked her level of interest in the players as Reddick > Gregorius > Gordon. It was the opposite for me, however, because I was always a big fan of Dee Gordon.

The window of opportunity to acquire Gordon exists right now since the Dodgers have Hanley Ramirez at SS and Juan Uribe at 3B (Ramirez’s alternate position) so the infield is filled up. Gordon spent most of the 2013 season in Triple-A, where he looked like he was returning to form with a .297/.385/.390 line in 374 at-bats.

Gordon possesses four tools that can be marked off with a “plus” rating — falling short only in the power department. He’s very talented defensively and handles the shortstop position with ease. Offensively, he has a career average of .301 in 2047 Minor League at-bats — including a .311 average in 692 Triple-A at-bats.

He’s a demon on the base paths as well, stealing 49 bases in just 374 at-bats this season. And for those of you interested in Baseball America rankings, he was ranked #26 in 2011 before his eventual call-up to the Dodgers. He has struggled at the MLB level, but he might be a guy worth taking a flier on. The Dodgers might have come down on their original high price last winter since they’re somewhat set at the shortstop position going forward and Corey Seager on the way after that — so should the Mets look into him?

The issue here is that the Dodgers have a ton of arms in their system, so we’d have to get creative in trading for Gordon or involve a third team. It’s an unlikely route, but it’s certainly interesting to consider anyway.