Cuddyer Among Some Good Outfield Options For Mets


Could Michael Cuddyer join his best friend David Wright in Flushing?

As we continue our quest for a winning team, we look at acquiring an outfielder.  To begin with, it sounds easier than it really is.  In July, teams traded their players – Alex Rios, Michael Morse, Justin Maxwell – because their chances of competing were slim.  So, you trade today for a shot at tomorrow, theoretically.

However, trading a star player is not easy.  Remember the Keith Hernandez trade?  People were shocked that St. Louis would trade away a player of that caliber.  Teams have difficulty not only in matching up, but most teams take the fan base reaction into account when subtracting from the major league product.

While looking for a trade, it was taken into consideration that a team would not trade unless they:

  1. Improved their overall product
  2. Had quality depth to replace what was subtracted
  3. Want to improve one area more than they are weakening another

What teams have excess outfielders, and who are they?

– Kansas City Royals: Lorenzo Cain and Justin Maxwell

– Colorado Rockies: Michael Cuddyer

– Cleveland Indians: Drew Stubbs

– Milwaukee Brewers: Norichika Aoki

– Oakland A’s:  Steve Smith

– Los Angeles Dodgers:  Andre Ethier

– Los Angeles Angels: Peter Bourjos or Mark Trumbo

Notice, no Carlos Gonzalez, no Matt Kemp, no Ryan Braun. The reason is that those players aren’t easy to replace.

Here’s the problem:  the Mets, and every other team, want to hold onto their best players and only trade from excess.  That’s how the James Shields trade was made last year, that’s how the R.A. Dickey trade was made as well.

We want Kemp, but so does L.A, and they “can” afford his contract.  So, to the fans that think they want to dump the contract, for the Dodgers and their $225 million payroll, $21 million isn’t a problem.

We want CarGo.  OK, but how would Colorado replace him?  They would ask for Harvey/Wheeler and then some; proven player for proven player.  No thanks.

We, um I, want Braun.  Milwaukee would have to be very overwhelmed.  For those people that say the fans of Wisconsin want him out: time heals all wounds, and a nice hot streak can help quiet some of those disgruntled fans.

Before suggesting scenarios, the definition of a fair deal is one that neither side is in love with, but both are willing to do.

Also, the Mets want to hold onto their young pitching.  Therefore, what is left to use?  Daniel Murphy or Wilmer Flores?  Lucas Duda, Josh Satin, or Ike Davis? How many teams are breaking down the doors asking about them? Unless we want to give up some of our little quality, what can we expect to get?

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