Choo Would Give The Mets Some Credibility

shin-soo choo

Andrew asks…

Why are you always pushing Shin-Soo Choo so much on your site? He’s just an average player cashing in on his walk year and in obvious decline. He sucks as a center fielder and I’d rather stick with Juan Lagares.

Joe D. replies…

Thanks for the question, but let me first correct you and say that I’m not pushing any particular player. When there is an update on a particular player who the Mets have reported interest in either directly or via team sources, we report it.

As to your own personal assessment on Choo, I’d ask you to do some fact checking because you are way off base and he is much more than an average player in decline that you say he is.

Over the last five years going back to 2009, Choo has averaged a 4.14 WAR and this season he performed to a 4.2 level which disputes that he is in decline or that he’s an average player.

Offensively, based on WAR, Choo has performed at the exact same level as David Wright during the same five-year span and both players are the same age.

Looking at their career numbers, Choo has a 134 OPS+ vs a 137 OPS+ for Wright, and Choo has a slight edge with a .389 OBP compared to .382 for Wright.

Choo will likely get a 4-5 year deal that will average about $15-17 million per season. That would mean a deal that ranges anywhere between $70-$85 million in total guaranteed dollars.

For a front office and ownership that keeps squawking that they can spend as they once did, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Defensively, Choo has no business being in center field, but his range, speed and instincts would make him an above average defender in left field.

The Mets need to add some credibility. Signing Choo isn’t the end-all, be-all, but it would bring them one step closer to achieving that credibility.

It also gives them the outfield upgrade they claim they are looking for as well as give them one of the top on-base performers in the game to bat leadoff.

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