Wright Fielded Grounders, Took Batting Practice Sunday

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Wright’s gear along the first base side of the infield. Photo By Clayton Collier

Ailing Mets captain David Wright fielded grounders and took batting practice prior to yesterday’s series finale against the Marlins and looked solid on both sides of the diamond.

Davd Wright throwing to first after getting a glove on a tough grounder. Photo By Clayton Collier
Davd Wright throwing to first after getting a glove on a tough grounder. Photo By Clayton Collier

The All-Star third baseman looked as good as ever defensively, moving both to his right and left with ease. As far as his batting, Wright mainly had a number of hard line drives as well as several fly balls that made it onto the warning track in dead center. He was pitched to by bullpen catcher Dave Racaniello.

Wright signing autographs. Photo By Clayton Collier
Wright signing autographs. Photo By Clayton Collier

After his session, Wright spent roughly 15 minutes signing autographs for fans before heading into the clubhouse for stretches.

Reports are that the Mets are hoping to have Wright back  on Tuesday, however apparently word of his return hasn’t yet spread to the players as Carlos Torres appeared in the dark.

“I didn’t hear we were getting him back,” said Torres when asked about the impending return of Wright this week. “Sounds good. If he comes back, sounds good.”

Wright has been on the disabled list with a Grade 2 hamstring strain for the past six weeks, and hopes to return before season’s end.

Thoughts from Joe D.

It confounds and confuses me at how many fans and talking heads have reacted so negatively toward Wright’s return tomorrow – believing that he’s being rushed or that it’s a last ditch effort to sell some extra tickets.

If Wright can play, why shouldn’t he come back and close out the rest of the season?

He’s a baseball player who loves the game and wants to get back on the field to do what he does best and that’s play ball.

I was ticked off at the Mets for allowing him to play through obvious pain a few days before he finally pulled that hammy. But now he’s healed, he’s not in pain, and there’s no logical reason not to have him come back and join the team.

Looking at how pathetic the Mets offense has been throughout this homestand, I’m looking forward to the significant boost he will add to the lineup.

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