This Day In Mets Infamy With Rusty: The “Get A Grip” Edition

alright people

Alright boys and girls, it’s time for us to do something that us Mets fans haven’t done in a while – PUT ON YOUR BIG BOY PANTS AND GROW UP !!!!

I know what you are thinking – “is he off the Prozac?” or “Who gave him the double caramel macchiato shot from Starbucks again?” The answer is neither. My outburst is derived from the fans that are pissing and moaning that this team is playing to win – and actually winning despite the fact that they are on the bubble with a handful of other teams for the final three spots to earn a protected pick in next seasons free agent amateur draft.

So let me ask a question – since when do we root for our team to lose ? Yes – trust me I want this team to have a protected pick in next seasons draft , but if they don’t what am I going to do? Throw a tantrum and start writing totally negative posts on how inept Sandy Alderson and the Wilpon’s are in the comment section below? Look even if next year’s pick is not protected I am hopeful that Ownership will realize that they have to spend money to make money – and the only way to get butts in the seats is to field a winning team which we all know takes spending decent quantities of money on either smart signings or taking on bigger contracts via trade.

terry collins punt

Let’s get rational here for a moment. there are just five games left to this dismal season. There are basically five teams vying for the final three spots. I highly doubt the Mets will run the table and sweep both the Reds and the Brewers. When you look at the five teams that are battling for those final three spots – Phillies, Giants, Blue Jays, Rockies and the Met, we pretty much have a 50% chance of getting a protected pick. How you may ask ? Well lets just say that the Mets end the season tied with those teams just mentioned, only the Rockies if memory serves me correctly had a worse record than the Mets last season. And so if all four of these other teams end up tied with the same record the Mets will automatically earn a protected pick because they had one of the worst records last season among the teams mentioned. According to Adam Rubin, that’s how tiebreakers will play out.

But I do admit that I have been rooting for the Mets to lose  – it sickens me that I value a protected pick just so that both ownership as well as the front office can’t make excuses why they didn’t go after a big name free agent who was given a qualifying offer by his current team. But if that’s the way it goes, then that’s the way it goes and it will be the Wilpons’ folly if and when the teams fails to draw again. But for now lets just watch how the rest of the season plays out. Lets wait until the hot stove season before we throw start throwing temper tantrums, thumb in mouth while clutching our security blankets… Reason being, you may just be making something out of nothing. So just do me a favor my fellow Mets fans and….


And with that said….. HERE COMES THE INFAMY!!!!

Mets alumni celebrating a birthday today includes:

Spot starter and middle reliever from the ’66 season, Bill Hepler is 68 (1945).

Mets middle reliever/closer from ’02-’04, David Weathers  is 44 (1969).

Utility infielder from’08 and ’09 seasons, Argenis Reyes is 31 (1982). I am still amazed that we always over value AAAA players that for a brief period of time play over their heads just to be let down when the league catches up to them – Argenis was no different.

Some other notables include:

The New York Mets claimed middle reliever, Jack Egbert on waivers from the Chicago White Sox on September 25, 2009. Egbert, a Staten Island native appeared in just one game for the Mets  (last season) and pitched 2/3 of a scoreless inning. He opted for free agency after last season ended.

Mo Vaughn wants you to kiss his sassafras !!!!