Sandy Alderson Sees 2013 Season As “Something To Build On”

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Mets General Manager Sandy Alderson joined the SNY telecast during tonight’s Mets vs. Brewers game and touched on a wide variety of topics with Gary, Keith and Ron including this season, the upcoming winter, Travis d’Arnaud among others.

2013 Season

Alderson stated that he was “generally disappointed” with the season and is “not happy” but that this year is “something to build on”.

Alderson says he wants the  “home record to improve substantially” next year, however mentioned that since the callup of Wheeler–to which he referred to as ‘Super Tuesday’–and the acquisition of Young, their performance overall has boosted significantly.

He also expressed his appreciation of the Mets fanbase being “patient” with the team.


When the discussion arrived at Matt Harvey and the rotation, Alderson gave some interesting insight to his thought process as well as the layout of his office.

He stated that if “you were to go into my office” there is a large board with a line across the center. Players he believes he can count on are placed above the line, and Jon Niese and Dillon Gee are “two of the three” pitchers above that line. Alderson did not mention if Harvey is included in that group, I mention that because Gary Cohen specifically asked about Harvey and the rotation potentially moving forward without him in 2014.

Alderson also said that he wouldn’t say they would be adding “someone at the top of the rotation.”

Travis d’Arnaud

Travis d’Arnaud has suffered from a lack of at-bats over the last two years and has a “history of injuries.”

Coming into the season, d’Arnaud’s biggest issue according to Alderson “was whether he was polished enough as a receiver. He’s done a fine job behind the plate.”

On the offensive side of things, d’Arnaud has “struggled offensively”, to which Alderson chalks up to him pressing upon coming up to the big leagues. He cited that he has performed much better and has looked “more controlled at the plate” over the last ten games.


When asked about the possibility of making a deal this winter, Alderson said it depends on the market for players and putting the right package together, and not be “rigid” in that they need to make a trade happen.

On positions that will be interesting cases, first base was cited as a decision that will have to be made. They will also take a look at shortstop and a significant backup to d’Arnaud due to his aforementioned “history of injuries.”

Alderson didn’t say anything all that earth shaking tonight, however he did have some interesting points. I believe he was vague, but offered more of a tempered look at this winter. He didn’t necessarily hint at them being big spenders or bargain shoppers. His actions will have to do the talking this time around.

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