Mets vs Braves: Flores Battling Fatigue, D’Arnaud Struggling, Gee Tries To Avoid Sweep

dillon gee

New York Mets vs. Atlanta Braves

Turner Field • 12:10 PM

RHP Dillon Gee (10-9, 3.63 ) vs RHP Kameron Loe (0-1, 10.12)

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Starting Lineup

  1. Eric Young, Jr. – LF
  2. Daniel Murphy – 2B
  3. Andrew Brown – RF
  4. Lucas Duda – 1B
  5. Justin Turner – 3B
  6. Travis d’Arnaud – C
  7. Juan Lagares – CF
  8. Omar Quintanilla – SS
  9. Dillon Gee – RHP

Thoughts from Joe D.

After an 0-for-4 day batting cleanup, Andrew Brown is now batting third, while Josh Satin rides the pine to give way to Justin Turner. Wasting at-bats on Turner at this point in the season is pure lunacy, especially at the cost of at-bats to players we want a better look at.

Wilmer Flores is out of the lineup again, and as we learned yesterday from Adam Rubin, he is battling fatigue and continues to deal with a sore ankle. Luckily, he’ll have plenty of time to rest this offseason as he will not play Winter Ball for the first time in three years.

Travis d’Arnaud is in the throes of a .159 slump at the plate and we all hope he comes out of it soon. There are some doubts circulating that he may have been better off continuing to shake off almost a year’s worth of rust at Las Vegas. There’s definitely some second guessing going on from two people I spoke to, one who told me, “we should of just let him finish the season in Triple-A”.

Quintanilla continues to start at shortstop and we learned yesterday that Sandy Alderson is down on Ruben Tejada for essentially being lazy and unmotivated according to him. He’ll remain with Las Vegas while they remain in the post season, but clearly he seems out of the team’s future plans.

It’s so sad to see a 23-year old who had shown some great flashes when he first came up at 21 fall from grace at such a young age. Tejada played a sparkling second base when he replaced Luis Castillo, and then did a decent job of moving over to shortstop the following season to replace All Star Jose Reyes.

I’m starting to think that there is a clear disconnect between some of the Latino players and the Mets development team and coaches. In this age where Latino ballplayers are so prominent in the game in terms of percentages, I think teams need to reflect that in their coaching staff.

I think these accusations of laziness, being aloof, unmotivated, uncoachable are used too often lately against Latino players and I suspect it’s more of a lack of communication and a complete misunderstanding between two very different cultures.

I often wonder if these issues would simply disappear if there was some Latino representation in addition to Collins, Warthen, Hudgens, Teufel and Geren on the Mets coaching staff?

Even at the Triple-A level, where Backman, St. Claire and Greer have done a wonderful job this season, there’s nobody who you could say has a deep understanding of how to mesh the two cultures and create a cohesiveness, and more importantly, a better and more open stream of clear and concise communication. In a game where the Latino dominance is now so prevalent, shouldn’t that cross-section be reflected on the coaching and development side of baseball as well?

Just something to think about….

Game Preview

For the second time in three days, the Mets play a day game against the Braves. Yesterday the Mets got a good start from Carlos Torres but the offense fell flat only scoring one run and the Mets dropped their third straight game. Today the Mets try to reverse the trend as Dillon Gee plays the role of stopper on the mound against Kameron Loe.

Dillon Gee is 10-9 over 27 games and 166.1 innings with a 3.63 ERA. He bounced back in his last outing after allowing 4 ER over 6 innings by allowing only 2 ER over 7.2 innings. This season he has pitched 20.1 innings over three games with a 3.10 ERA with 13 strikeouts. The Braves have the following numbers against Dillon Gee:

Uggla 4-26, 2B, 3B
McCann 3-18, 2B
Freeman 6-20, 2B, HR
Upton 4-18, 2B, HR
C. Johnson 3-10, 2B

Kameron Loe is 1-2 this season over 13.2 innings and 13 games between the Braves, Cubs and Mariners. His only two games with the Braves was back in July and both were relief outings against the Mets where he allowed 3 ER over 2.2 innings. The Mets have the following numbers against Loe:

Turner 0-2
Lagares 0-1
Murphy 1-2
Brown 1-1, 2B
Davis 0-1
Duda 0-1

Lets Go Mets!

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