Matt Harvey Returns To Dan Patrick Show And Apologizes

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Mets ace Matt Harvey rejoined the Dan Patrick show this morning and apologized for yesterday’s awkward interview, when he talked about his Qualcomm promotion and that’s it.

He told Patrick that he had a lot on his mind and was on his way to the doctor during his call and was a bit flustered.

“That wasn’t me at all yesterday,” Harvey said. “I was thinking about it all day. The interview I gave you was completely awkward.”

Then Harvey explained to Dan why he chose rehab over Tommy John surgery.

“I’ve never been a fan of surgery,” Harvey said. “I’ve never had a sharp pain in my elbow. I’ve never had tingling in my hand. … In my mind it was always a forearm thing. ”

Harvey said he’s not depressed about the injury. He tries to stay busy.

I heard the interview today and Harvey sounded very contrite, embarrassed and sincere to me.

You can listen to the show here.

Original Post

Matt Harvey may just be one of the best pitchers in the game today, but after yesterday’s bizarre interview with Dan Patrick, the 24-year old Mets ace has cemented himself as one of the worst pitchmen of all time.

On Wednesday, during a national radio interview with Patrick, Harvey stunned everyone when he dodged questions about his now world-famous UCL tear so that he could endorse telecommunication giant Qualcomm.

“Today is all about honoring and supporting Qualcomm,” Harvey told Patrick who only wanted to discuss his decision to forego Tommy John surgery.

“I got a second opinion with Dr. Andrews. He said the elbow was stable, and after going through all these tests, I decided on the route of rehabbing,” Harvey said. “But today I am here to talk about Qualcomm.”

It was awful… A frustrated Dan Patrick decided to just let Harvey make his pitch which was an agonizing two minutes about something called Fantasting.

“You could even look stuff up on the internet when you’re in the bathroom.”

As expected, Harvey got absolutely toasted on Twitter…

I got the biggest laugh when MetsBlog’s Matt Cerrone rushed to weigh in and ended his post by saying:

“The thing is, I just mentioned Quallcom six times in a post for the first time ever.”

The real thing is he mentioned it seven times AND actually spelled Qualcomm wrong every single time. 🙂


Then of course we had Mike Francesa who blasted Harvey on WFAN without mercy, calling him out for the Qualcomm mess, his nude spread in ESPN’s Body Issue, and his ill-advised interview with Men’s Health magazine. Francesa told his listeners:

“I could have had Harvey on my show too, but I told him no. No way… What is he nuts? I’m gonna let him come on my show and do an infomercial for Qualcomm?”

Anyway, Harvey realized his mistake and apologized on Twitter, but not before tweeting an apology to the wrong Dan Patrick – who just so happened to be the Texas state senator. (I’m not making this up.) He eventually got it right…

“I’ve had a few rough outings on the mound, that was a rough outing on the radio this morning,” he wrote. “Been an exhausting couple of days. Apologies to @dpshow and @Qualcomm.”

Honestly, I feel bad for the guy…

I don’t know who’s advising him or who his publicist is, but he needs to just get back to baseball and put all this other crap aside before he becomes a cartoon character.

He needs to stick to being a baseball player because it’s the one thing he does exceptionally well. All this other stuff, while it may seem cool to him, is really making him look very ridiculous. Someone needs to tell him that.

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