Is Elvis Andrus An Option For The Mets This Winter?

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Hey Joe,

Just read today that Elvis Andrus had cleared waivers. As you posted yesterday and in the past, a glaring hole that needs to be filled going forward is a legitimate everyday shortstop. I believe you also mentioned his name along with Jurickson Profar as well.

Just a couple of comments.

If indeed he did clear waivers, the Mets should obviously explore what it would take to get him from the Rangers knowing the following…

From the Rangers prospective:

  1. Profar is/has/will take his place at shortstop.
  2. Elvis has re-upped through 2022 when he will be 33 years old with a vesting option for 2023
  3. He is owed $6.45 million in 2014, $15 million through 2020, $14 million for 2021 & 2022, and if the option kicks in he will receive another $15 million in 2023.
  4. You would have to think Texas would love to move that contract.

With all that in mind, Texas would love to move him but obviously won’t just give him away.

From the Mets perspective:

  1. The Mets need a young, solid, proven everyday shortstop to anchor the infield.
  2. Andrus is a fantastic defensive player.
  3. He can bat leadoff and get on base. His on-base percentage and batting average has improved every year since he entered the league with the exception of this year.
  4. He has averaged roughly 35 steals every year so far, and this year he has 30 stolen bases and only 4 times caught.

Bottom line for the Mets, it’s a no brainer…  Above average shortstop, great range, strong arm PLUS he can bat leadoff, get on base and steal a bag or two. Additionally, he’s young and will be 25 at the end of August.

Obviously, the big question is what the Rangers will want in return?

But again, one big thing the Mets have in their corner is the fact that the Rangers probably want to rid themselves of that contract so it might not take as much to get him if he was only making say, $5 to $6 million over the next few years.

One last thought, IF the process is to eventually move Wilmer Flores to second base, then having someone like Andrus (a fellow ballplayer from Venezuela) playing alongside him could make his major league transition to second a little easier knowing you have a young stud shortstop running the infield.

This would also make moving Murphy a little easier, assuming he could be included in any package going back to Texas.

I would appreciate your thoughts on this scenario….

Edward Richetelli

* * * * * * * *

Thanks for the question, Edward…

You laid out the case for pursuing Andrus very well, and there’s very little I can add to your fine argument.

I agree on most of your points and I do believe the Rangers will want to move that contract in the offseason. I feel the Mets and Rangers match up well because what they desire most is MLB ready pitching and an MLB ready bat.

Daniel Murphy would certainly have some appeal, but he would be the secondary piece to any package.

It may likely come down to one of our top young pitchers. Are the Mets confident enough in Matt Harvey, Jenrry Mejia and Noah Syndergaard to move Zack Wheeler? Or Rafael Montero? Because that’s what I think it might take.

Even though Andrus is having a down year, he would give the Mets exceptional defense and speed and a rebound should be expected. He is still 2-3 years away from his offensive peak.

The money is not a problem, and MLBTR already crunched the numbers:

He received a pair opt-out clauses that allow him to elect free agency following the 2018 and 2019 seasons. Opting out after the 2018 season would effectively make his contract a four-year, $62MM extension.Opting out after 2019 would make it a five-year, $77MM extension.

That’s not a a big issue money-wise for the Mets now that they’ve cleared some room on the payroll. Plus it would certainly prove that Sand Alderson and Fred Wilpon are as eager to spend as they’ve been touting this season. Additionally, there’s a great chance that the Rangers would eat some of that contract.

I would still prefer Jurickson Profar of course, but Andrus will cost us far less in player assets because of that contract, and he fits the mold of what we lost in Jose Reyes and haven’t yet been able to replace. In fact I’d say Andrus is better defensively and obviously is much less of an injury risk.

I’d be all for it….

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