Are The Patients Running The Asylum? Where Is The Accountability?


Now that we’ve had a few days to reflect on the injury to David Wright that could have him missing as long as five weeks according to Terry Collins, I’d love to know what some of you think about the way things went down.

Going all the way back to the series in Washington on July 27, we first learned there was problem and that David Wright was feeling some tightness in his leg. Nothing major was made of it and it was passed off as just a case of dehydration. “Drink more fluids”, was the prescribed remedy from the crack medical team.

A few days after that in Miami, July 31 to be exact, Wright looked uncomfortable and clutched his right hamstring multiple times while on the basepaths in the eighth inning Wednesday night. Trainer Ray Ramirez visited Wright at second base after a stolen base. Collins then visited Wright during a Marlins pitching change after Wright advanced to third base.

Again, no biggie, and in fact Terry Collins went so far as to say the next day before the game, “David is not trying to play through a severe hamstring injury that might end up in a blowout of the muscle.”

“He understands himself better than anybody. “I have to trust his opinion of what he says. And he says he’s ready to go.”


And then it happened… You all saw it… David Wright comes up lame and clutches his hamstring while moaning in agony. “uh oh”, said Gary Cohen. “That doesn’t look good.”

Wright suffered a Grade 2 strain of his right hamstring and our brand new $142 million dollar investment will be out for as long as five weeks. Given that we’re already a week into August, he may not be back again this season at all. Why bring him back to play the last ten games of the season if you don’t have to?

What did Wright have to say about this somewhat “tragic turn of events” to quote Ron Darling?

“Being around for as long as I’ve been around, I have a pretty good sense of what my body can and can’t take,” Wright said. “I felt like I could go out there and play through it. In my mind, there’s a difference between playing hurt and playing injured.”

wright lame

Braver words were never spoken, but who said it was his call? Are all injuries, aches and pains the player’s call on the Mets? Did Bobby Parnell decide it would be okay to pitch with a sore neck? Was it Jon Niese who made the decision to pitch in pain for his last three starts?

Why are the players making these medical decisions?

Why are the complaints of soreness and pain always taken so lightly until the other shoe drops and the player is being rushed to the hospital?

Exactly what function does our training and medical staff perform, and where is the damn accountability.

I read a post today on this same topic on MetsBlog who say there’s nobody to blame or point fingers at with these things and that players can make their own judgement calls on playing hurt. Oh really? Is that how it is?

Sounds more like a case of toeing the company line than wanting to know why our team’s most expensive asset has been playing hurt for a week. Only a willfully blind fan couldn’t see that Wright was in pain after that stolen base when he clutched his leg. Wright should have never gone out on that field the next game. In fact, he should have been pulled and replaced with a pinch runner right there and then. The guy was in PAIN.

Plus… Wright already has a history of covering up injuries and not saying anything until it becomes unbearable or requires a visit to the Emergency Room. We already know this about him.

Honestly, I wasn’t even going to say anything about this and intended on letting it go, but that post on MetsBlog compelled me to add some context, logic and a demand for accountability on this matter. You can’t just sweep $142 million dollars under the rug. No way… Not on my watch…

What happened is sad and unfortunate…. But don’t insult my intelligence and try to tell me it was unavoidable. It was VERY avoidable and toeing the company line does not make that fact untrue.

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