Saying No To Trumbo

mark trumbo

The Mets find themselves in a real tricky spot heading into 2014. Whether we like it or not, what we thought was a sure thing – is now far from it. The Mets have no answer at First Base anymore. It’s a rare moment when a franchise goes from thinking they have a cornerstone franchise type player to build around, to having nothing good to hope for.

Look, I really have no problem with Josh Satin – but he’s not an everyday big league first baseman. I’m not willing to wait until June 2014 to see if Ike Davis is the guy we all thought he could be. No matter what he does from this day forward, we’ll know absolutely nothing about Davis until next summer – and I don’t think the Mets can afford to do that.

So, unless the idea of Wilmer Flores at first base is a reality, the Mets need a first baseman for next season and beyond.

One of the names being tossed out there as potentially available is Mark Trumbo.

If it happens, I’ll support Trumbo – but I really hope he isn’t the perceived answer.

To me, Trumbo is a very one dimensional player. He has plus power, that is undeniable, but he’s slow, plays below average defense and strikes out a ton. I don’t want to see another 1B who is all or nothing – that’s why Ike Davis and Lucas Duda are not the answers!

With Trumbo’s current contract situation (just hitting arbitration), and his power numbers, I think the Angels would hope to get rich by trading him. They are in a lot of trouble with their roster due to guys like Pujols, Hamilton, and Wilson.

So trading a guy like Trumbo may be an avenue they take but only if it helps them out significantly. I’m not willing to trade high value for Trumbo.

I know that the follow up to this is inevitably, “if not Trumbo, then who?”

I truthfully do not know the answer. I’d consider taking a run at Justin Morneau for a short term solution, but I think the Mets really need to find a real long term solution at first base, and fast.

To me, Wilmer Flores could be that guy, not Mark Trumbo.


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