Keith Law: Josh Satin Is A Terrible Ballplayer

Keith Law is pissing me off more and more lately. His apparent dislike of anything associated with the Mets becomes more blatant and over-the-top as time goes by. This week, he really went out of his way to kill the Mets system is a series of questions posed to him during a chat on ESPN Insider. Take a look…

New York Mets v Atlanta Braves

Dave (San Diego): Any small sample of an apology for calling Josh Satin worse Yuniesky Betancourt a couple of weeks ago?

Klaw: No because Josh Satin is a terrible ballplayer.


Chuck (New York): Is Jayce Boyd a prospect or a college guy doing the A-ball thing?

Klaw: Old for his level.

Mitch (New Jersey): Between Puello, Dykstra, Boyd, Plawecki, D’arnaud and Flores, which Mets prospect do you want to see most at MLB level?

Klaw: D’Arnaud, Plawecki, Flores, in that order. Not a big Puello fan, and last night didn’t help.

Bill (Stroudsburg): You mentioned Puello not having a good night. How much does a given night affect your view of a prospect? I’m sure even guys like Harper and Trout, if caught on the wrong day, would look bad from time to time…

Klaw: It’s not about performance, though. A player can go 0 for 4 and look good, or go 4 for 4 and look bad.

Sean (New York): What’s the ceiling on Puello? Also, do you think he can adequately play CF in the majors?

Klaw: Puello’s an extra OF.

bobby parnell

Jason (New York): If you were the GM of the Mets would you take the best offer for Parnell, hold on to him, or trade him only for a top prospect like Jackie Bradley Jr.? Perhaps more accurately, what is the value of a closer?

Klaw: Trade him. Closers are fungible. You can always make more.

Calling Satin a terrible ballplayer, when he’s produced a career .389 on-base in the minors and is performing at that level in the majors, is a low blow by Law.

And what kind of a so-called prospect expert bases a prospect’s entire future on one or two at-bats? Is this the kind of person you want to give any credence to?

On Parnell, let him explain to me how many closers the Mets have developed prior to Bobby… Let him present evidence that the Mets could always make more when their last attempt at developing a closer was over 20 years ago.

Wow Keith, great insight, Flores probably won’t stick at second base…. Thanks for the heads-up… You freaking moron…

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