Best and Worst Moments of the Mets First Half


I asked some of our writers what they felt were the Best and Worst moments for the Mets in the first half, and it looks like the consensus for the best was when we swept the Yankees and the Empire State Building was brightly lit up in Blue and Orange.

Daniel Nelson

Best Moment: I’d have to say sweeping the Yankees in four games was pretty special. You hang onto moments like that when you have a season like this. It showed the kind of fire the team possesses even in a bad season.

Worst Moment: How they’ve handled Jordany Valdespin. This guy definitely has some personal stuff he needs to work on, but this organization is at fault too. They seem to have no problem throwing him under the bus whether it be sending him out to get pegged or letting the world know he allegedly called his manager a “c**ksucker.” He’s been a PR disaster. R.I.P. El Dramático

Joe Spector

Best Moment: It comes every 5th day.

Worst Moment: Those days in between.

Gerry Silverman

Best Moment: Mets complete sweep of Yankees in home and home series.

Worst Moment: June 8-9, Mets drop two extra inning games to Miami, playing 30 innings.

Andre Dobiey

Best Moment: Most Matt Harvey starts. And, of course, probably the “Super Tuesday” DH vs. the Braves with Harvey & Wheeler shutting down Atlanta for a two-game sweep.

Worst Moment: Jon Niese departing with a shoulder injury.

mets sweep yankees

Eric Garment

Best Moment: Sweeping the Yankees in four games

Worst Moment: Not one individual moment, but the continued struggles of Ike Davis.

Matt Balasis

Best Moment: It’s a tie. Kirk’s walk-off against the Cubs, only because it’s proving to have been kind of a turning point, and sweeping the Yankees.

Worst Moment: Getting swept by the Marlins after the Yankee series.

Michael Branda

Best Moment: July 1st victory over the Diamondbacks in 13 innings

Worst Moment: Pretty much every Ike Davis at bat or the Johan situation

Gregg Hopps

Best Moment: Sweeping the Subway Series

Worst Moment: Every Ike Davis AB


Barry Duchan

Best Moment: Sweeping the Yankees

Worst Moment: Too many bad ones to list, but no particular one that stands out.

David Conde

Best Moment: Matt Harvey’s April 3rd start that solidified him as the Mets Ace

Worst Moment: Embarrassing how Terry Collins used the younger players early on.

Tommy Rothman

Best Moment: I’ll go with the “Harvey’s Better” chants. That was the moment when it was official: Harvey had captured the minds and hearts of Mets fans everywhere. Our sweep of the Yankees is also up there on the list, if those 4 games can be counted as one moment.

Worst Moment: Definitely the news about Johan Santana. After all he went through to get back on the field, after the No-Hitter. It was tough to hear that his days as a Met, and possibly as a professional baseball player, may have come to an end.

happy harvey day

Harvey Day got a lot of mentions for Best Moments too…

My favorite moment is definitely Matt Harvey… My favorite Harvey Day was Super Tuesday when he almost hurled a no-hitter against the Braves and held them hitless for six innings and struck out 13. That was an awesome game…

My worst moment would have to be the news that Johan Santana would miss the rest of the season. That was a body blow… So was getting swept by the Marlins to a lesser degree.

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