MMO Exclusive: Compiling 40 Mock MLB Drafts To Determine Mets Consensus Picks

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Draft day is approaching quick; June 6th to be exact. The most important phase of the June rule IV Player Draft is the first round, which is speculated over and over every year. The first round usually sets the tone for priority of picks by selecting players teams feel have the highest ceiling or amount of polish in the draft. Though baseball sites do not know the inside of any organization they are speculating on, they always give interesting insight of who they feel teams will pick. After scouring over the main database of mock drafts, I have recorded the results for the Mets from 40 different mocks. Here are the results:

Player Picked
Reese McGuire C 5/40
Braden Shipley RHP 5/40
Dominic Smith 1B/OF 5/40
Colin Moran 1B/3B 3/40
DJ Peterson 1B 3/40
Clint Frazier OF 3/40
Trey Ball LHP/OF 2/40
Ryan Boldt OF 2/40
Jon Denney C 2/40
Austin Wilson OF 2/40
Hunter Renfroe OF 2/40
Chris Anderson RHP 1/40
Andrew Thurman RHP 1/40
Tony Kemp OF 1/40
Bobby Wahl RHP 1/40
Kohl Stewart RHP 1/40
Jacoby Jones 2b/OF 1/40


Highest Picked:

Interestingly enough, the mock drafts have the Mets drafting high school catcher Reese McGuire, University of Nevada right-handed Pitcher Braden Shipley, and high school first baseman/outfielder Dominic Smith more times than any other player. They feel that the Mets are more likely to look for players in the infield rather than the outfield, with 3/8ths of the mocks saying they will pick one of these three.

I have also analyzed the positions covered in these mock drafts.


In terms of the Mock’s coverage of the Mets’ needs for outfield prospects, the mocks do acknowledge the need as much as they should. Twelve out of 40 picks have the Mets taking Clint Frazier (HS, three times) Trey Ball and Ryan Boldt (HS, two times), and Austin Wilson and Hunter Renfroe (College, two times each). I do not consider Dominic Smith as an outfielder, nor Jacoby Jones, despite his athleticism. Interestingly enough, Clint Frazier falls to the Mets three times in these mock drafts, and they would have to be absolutely insane to pass up on him. My hope is for a player not on this list: Phillip Ervin. He provides speed, power, and a possibly great center field.

First Basemen

First basemen have the next amount of selections after outfield, being selected 11 times out of 40. I guess the mock drafts have felt our pain when it comes to Ike Davis and his recent disappointments. Dominic Smith is the player who has been selected the most out of this group, (HS, five Picks). D.J. Peterson is considered one of the top all-around college hitters in the draft class, and was picked three times, while Colin Moran has an interesting bat as well as some good power.

Right-Handed College Pitchers

College right-handed pitchers were drafted eight times by the Mets in these mock drafts. What’s the reason behind this? You can never have enough pitching on the horizon. University of Nevada’s Braden Shipley was drafted the most, with five selections.

High School Catchers

With the new promise of catchers in the system, it is uncertain why the Mets would pick another one, yet they were selected seven times. Reese McGuire has been selected five times, and while he has a high ceiling for a high school catcher, it is a stretch at #11 for both organizational depth, and the numbered pick to use on such a need. Jon Denney has the highest ceiling out of a deep class of high school catchers in this draft, with plus power, and was selected twice.


Although these sites are just press, they have interesting insight on the draft, and a few selected accurately within the last couple of years with Gavin Cecchini and Brandon Nimmo. If they are right, the Mets could go for McGuire, Shipley, or Smith for their first pick. On the outside chance, they will pick an outfielder such as high school player Clint Frazier, or first basemen like Colin Moran and D.J. Peterson.


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