Mets Game Recap: This Team Is Fractured

How long have you been coming to this site? Two years? Five years? Nine years?

broken-mirrorThe Mets lost to the Pirates today by the score of 11-2 and after nine years of writing recaps for this site and being the one responsible for doing so today, all I can do is offer you an apology instead.

I didn’t have a recap in me after this game. I was too angry… I was too disgusted… The team I love is broken…

Regarding the game, all I can tell you is the Mets lost, the game itself was ugly, Niese has had a string of poor starts now, and while there may have been a couple of highlights which I always look for no matter how bad the loss, I couldn’t find one because I was still so upset by what I saw.

In the bottom of the seventh inning, with the Mets already down 10-1, Pittsburgh Pirates reliever Bryan Morris drilled pinch-hitter Jordany Valdespin with his first pitch right in the ribs. The Mets knew this was coming because before the game, Mets manager Terry Collins red-flagged the possibility and even added that he feared they might go after David Wright too.

Why, you might ask?

jordany valdespin homerun

Because the night before, Valdespin hit a deep home run (pictured above) and flipped his bat. By the time he rounded the bases there was an ice-cold high five waiting for him by Ike Davis, but neither were smiling and everyone else in the Mets dugout had their backs to the play almost as if in a group protest.

So what happened today after Valdespin was purposely drilled?

Nothing? The manager or trainer didn’t even come out to see if their player was injured and okay. There wasn’t one raised eyebrow from any of Valdespin’s teammates as he jogged to first base.

Even after the back page news and internet firestorm that Terry created with his comments before the game, not even the home plate umpire did anything like issuing a warning. There was nothing. Only silence. Nothing but that God-awful, disturbing and ghastly sound of silence.

david wright

After David Wright struck out to end the inning (pictured above), Valdespin returned to the dugout, he slammed his helmet in the corner, tore off his batting gloves, and everyone in the Mets dugout pretended that Valdespin was invisible. That includes the coaches, the manager and even the newly named captain of the team.

Meanwhile, over on the Pittsburgh side, Morris received a heroes welcome. He was cheered and received high-fives and fist bumps from all his teammates and most notable among them – his manager Clint Hurdle.

This team is fractured.

This team has no leadership.

This team is not a team.

There’s your recap.


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