Matt Harvey Has All Star Game On His Mind

Matt HarveyWe’ve all heard and read about how much winning means to Matt Harvey. On MMO alone I believe I counted at least two posts entitled “All Matt Harvey Cares About Is Winning.” On MetsBlog you’ll find three times as many such posts.

Harvey reminds us all of how much he wants to win every five days. He’s the textbook definition of a fierce competitor.

But thanks to Steve Serby of the New York Post, we learn a few things about Harvey that you might not have known about the intense right-hander.

:When asked about his growing celebrity, Harvey whisked it aside, but said something very interesting, “I like to have my personal life, but for right now and for the most part, the season’s on my mind, the All-Star game’s on my mind, and winning’s on my mind.”

The All Star Game… How cool would it be to see Matt Harvey getting the starting assignment before the throng of fans at Citi Field for the Mid-Summer Classic? Lets hope it happens.

I didn’t know that Matt was a bif fan of our crosstown rivals and Derek Jeter in particular. “I was a Yankee fan growing up. In my mind, somebody who ruled New York was Derek Jeter,” harvey told Serby.

“You saw him everywhere, you heard about him everywhere. Everybody wanted to be like Derek Jeter. He never gets in trouble. He’s never doing anything wrong off the field. He’s just a true professional in everything he does.”

He never gets into trouble or does anything wrong. That’s a great take-away during these tough times in Flushing. We could use a few players like Jeter who never gets into trouble, don’t you think?

A few more like David Wright and Matt Harvey would go a long way toward healing the rift in what I see as a fractured clubhouse.

As to Harvey’s success, he credits one pitch for putting him over the top. “The slider. That’s definitely a pitch I feel like I can use right now in any count to a righty or lefty.”

It was nice to read about Harvey’s thoughts about baseball, life, cultural issues and even tragic events like the Boston Bombings and the Newtown Massacre.

Steve Serby doesn’t get enough credit for these weekly interviews he treats us to every Sunday. Go read his full column. .

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