I’ve Really Gotta Hand It To The Mets This Time…

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I just caught a glimpse of what this season’s Opening day tickets look like, courtesy of Leigh Castergine, VP of Ticket Sales & Services for the New York Mets, and I must say they look spectacular!

Those tickets are so awesome… I love the vintage look and of course the image of The Franchise, Tom Seaver just makes them an instant Mets collectible.

I thought it would be pretty tough to top last year’s tickets, which were also great, honoring 50 Years of Mets Baseball, with each ticket featuring a prominent figure from Mets lore.

Just a great job by the Mets on this and it’s so good to see them embracing their history like never before, especially in the last two years. A hat tip to you all from all of us at Mets Merized Online.

I hate the fact that the Mets are always being picked apart by the usual suspects for the silliest things. Lately, almost every little thing they do gets magnified to umpteenth degree, with so many so-called fans always trying to create a drama when there really isn’t any.

I think we need to cut all of that nonsense out and instead start giving them credit especially when it’s due. For the most part they do a lot of good things that go unnoticed – and that shouldn’t be the case.

leigh castergineBy the way, I recently learned that Leigh came to the Mets a couple of years ago with some impressive credentials on her resume.

She once worked for the NBA’s Orlando Magic and prior to joining the Mets she was Director of Sales for the NHL’s Boston Bruins.

I had no idea she was such a seasoned veteran. I say we make her co-captain with David Wright… 🙂

You can follow Leigh on Twitter at @LeighJC_NYM.

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