Baseball Oddities: Random Items Lifted From The New CBA

confusedNothing in this Agreement shall be construed to restrict the rights of the Clubs to manage and direct their operations in any manner whatsoever except as specifically limited by the terms of this Agreement.

During the championship season, each Player shall receive a daily meal and tip allowance for each date a Club is on the road and for each traveling day. No deductions will be made for meals served on an airplane.

Any Player wearing a golf or batting glove underneath a playing glove may not rub up balls for use by the pitcher.

No field personnel may wear distracting jewelry of any kind. Distracting jewelry includes any item worn or used by a Player which, in the opinion of the umpire, could interfere with the play of the game or umpires’ ability to make calls, or endanger the health or safety of a Player, including the Player wearing the jewelry.

A catcher entering the on-deck circle as the next batter shall have removed his shin guards before entering the on-deck circle.

At least 51% of the exterior of each Player’s shoes must be the Club’s designated primary shoe color and the portion of the Club’s designated primary shoe color must be evenly distributed throughout the exterior of each shoe.

In any case in which a Player’s consent must be secured prior to the assignment of his contract, or in which a Player may elect free agency in lieu of accepting the outright assignment of his contract, the form given to the Player must include the Player’s name in typewritten form.

Sleeve length may not extend below the elbow.

If the new Uniform Player’s Contract is signed between the last day of one championship season and the first day of the next championship season, it must begin no later than the championship season following the next succeeding championship season; and if it does not begin with the next championship season, it cannot modify the terms of the Uniform Player’s Contract covering the next succeeding championship season. (Huh?)

Players will not be allowed to change shoes while running bases during any Major League game.

During the championship season, including travel to the first game of such season, no Club, absent extraordinary circumstances that make travel by plane impossible, may travel by bus between games if the distance between the two cities is, by the most direct highway route, more than 200 miles (one way).

Sleeves may not  be cut.

The Senior Vice President of Standards and On-Field Operations may choose to suspend a Player without pay for intentionally throwing a baseball, equipment or other object at a non-uniformed personnel with the intent of causing bodily harm.

Jerseys may not intentionally be untucked. (Hello, Jose Reyes.)

Under no circumstances may a jersey be ordered at or altered to a length where it cannot properly be tucked in.

The use of smokeless tobacco by Players, managers and coaches during televised interviews or appearances on behalf of the Club is prohibited. At any time when fans are permitted into the ballpark, players, managers, coaches and other on-field personnel will conceal tobacco products (including tobacco tins or packages) and may not carry tobacco products (including tobacco tins or packages) in their uniform or on their body.

The bottom of the pants may not be cut. Players wishing to relax the elastic string must do so from inside the pants.

obama confusedProhibition: All covered Individuals are prohibited from possessing deadly weapons while performing any services for MLB Entities, including while traveling on business (e.g., road games).

All Players will undergo neuro-cognitive baseline testing during Spring Training or when they join a Club each season.

A Player will not be permitted to change his jersey number even if such request is approved by his Club unless the request was received by the Office of the Commissioner no later than July 31st of the year preceding the championship season in which the jersey number change would take effect.

Straps may not be attached to the bottom of the pants.

No Player may have any visible corporate markings or logos tattooed on his body. In addition, no pitcher shall have markings on his body that are potentially distracting to the umpire or batter. Markings that are potentially distracting include tattoo(s) or other marking(s) which, in the opinion of the umpire, could interfere with the umpires’ ability to make calls, endanger the health or safety of a batter or otherwise interfere with the play of the game.

The elastic string may not be completely removed from the bottom of the pants.

During the period between reporting to the Club and being added to the Active Roster, a Player may participate in one workout and/or orientation without receiving Major League salary or service, but may not be in uniform for a game or otherwise occupy the bullpen, dugout, or field after the official end of his Club’s batting practice.

Any pitcher starting or entering a game wearing a colored glove must wear a glove of the same color for the pitcher’s entire participation in the game.

The trainer’s room and players’ lounge may be off-limits to the media, but each club controls these areas, and it is vital these areas not be used as a sanctuary for players seeking to avoid the media.

Pants pockets may not intentionally be untucked.

Ropes or other restraining barriers are not permitted to bar the media.

Media are to be allowed in foul territory, in an unrestricted manner, in an area that is to be not less than the territory between first and third bases, and which territory includes the area around the batting cage, except the dirt area around the batting cage.

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