Sound The Alarms, Banner Day Is Now Banner Night!

2012-ny-mets-banner-day (1)

So yesterday ESPN released their Sunday Night Baseball schedule for the first half of the 2013 season, and as it turns out the Mets will have one nationally televised game against the Braves on Sunday, May 26 at Citi Field.

No big deal, right?

WRONG! That Sunday also happens to be BANNER DAY!

Quick, sound the alarms, alert all the drama queens, we now have ourselves a Metsian disaster of Ruthian proportions on our hands!

How can ESPN do this to us? I bet Adam Rubin was behind this… it’s no secret that he’s still irked about that Omar Minaya press conference.

How are we supposed to tell those two kids up there that they won’t be allowed to go to this year’s Banner Day…err Banner Night because the game will finish way past their bedtime and they have to be up for school the next morning?

How can the Mets just stand there and allow hundreds of eight, nine and ten year old kids to walk away with tears streaming down their poor angelic faces?

How can the New York Mets be so evil???

Okay, I kid, I kid…  I’m just re-purposing some of the things I’ve read about this latest drama today. Obviously, some Met bloggers have crawled onto their ledges over this situation and never mind the fact that none of this was the Mets’ doing.

All the good will the Mets mustered up last year when they brought Banner Day back to the masses is now just a distant memory.

After the thousands upon thousands of cries from unwavering fans to revive the age old Mets tradition, Banner Day was back in 2012.

It was a thrilling victory for the fan base, and although they were only able to fill half the ballpark (barely), the Mets were even gracious enough to bring Banner Day back again for the 2013 season. But damn it… how could it all go so terribly wrong…

Who ever heard of a Banner Night? It doesn’t roll off the tongue as nicely as Banner Day does. But alas, there seems to be nothing we can do, but grin and bear it. The Mets have no plans of rescheduling it and Banner Night will proceed as planned.

Sorry, for continuing to revert back to my false outrage over this.

Let’s look at this like adults, shall we?

If I were a betting man, I’d wager that the Mets will top last year’s attendance and participation by a significant amount.

This whole children’s bedtime outrage sounds like just another convenient excuse to bash the Mets unmercifully.

Most of the best Mets memories in team history all took place way past a kid’s bedtime. (The Miracle Mets, Game Six, Grand Slam Single, Post 9/11, The Catch, No-Han) Somehow, thanks to my mean old parents, I remember them all.

How many parents turned to their kids during the seventh inning of Johan Santana’s no-hitter and said, “sorry guys, off to bed”? What kind of a nurturing Met fan parent would do that? I know I didn’t.

My kids can stay up late with me and my wife during special occasions including when a Mets pitcher has a no-hitter through seven. And if Banner Day is THAT special to you, then don’t let the fact that the parade starts at 5 PM rather than 12 PM stop you from enjoying it with your family and keep you from showing up.

Fans are fanatics, and fanatics got that moniker because we’d do just about anything to watch and root for our teams. That means catching every West Coast game as late as 2:00 AM with a transistor radio tucked neatly under your pillow, even though you had to be up in five hours to get ready for school. 🙂