Where Does Wilmer Flores Wind Up Now?

Pete asks:

Now that David Wright will be our third baseman until 2020, what is the future of third base prospect Wilmer Flores? Do you think he’ll be moved to the outfield, or will he be traded?

Sean Kenny replies:

First – Wilmer Flores and outfield should not be mentioned in the same sentence unless it is at the end of the statement “Wilmer Flores with a hard hit into”. Flores does not possess the foot speed to even foresee being anything but a below average fielder, which would require his bat be that much more potent and powerful.

Second, Flores could be traded but I don’t see a world where the Mets cannot find a place for Flores’ bat. He has taken reps at every infield position, and that can add to his value. Many hypothetical scenarios have been thrown around, making Wilmer a super-utility guy for 400+ AB a season, making him the full-time second baseman (despite lack of experience and slow feet), or platooning him with Ike Davis at first base.

Flores is all speculation at the moment, and a season at Triple-A to see how good his bat is will determine the future for Flores. In my opinion, if Murphy is a below-average/average second baseman with little pop, with more reps could Flores become a better future option for the Mets?

If he were to be traded, it would have to be for a huge package, considering his place as the Mets best position prospect (by a wide margin) and the fact he is still so young. Even if he didn’t take an AB for the 2013 Mets, he could be a pivotal player for the 2014 Mets. Only time will tell.