Seven Player Deal Between Mets and Jays Getting Ever So Close


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The Mets and Blue Jays are getting ever so closer to finalizing a seven-player deal that will send R.A. Dickey to Toronto for what could be a bounty of top prospects.

The latest unconfirmed reports have the Mets acquiring the Blue Jays’ top prospect C Travis d’Arnaud and one of  pitching prospects Noah Syndergaard or Aaron Sanchez. Additionally, catcher John Buck and a lesser player could be included in the deal as well.

In addition to Dickey, the Mets will part with catcher Josh Thole and a top prospect that has yet to be named. It’s this mystery prospect that has Twitter and the Mets blogosphere all buzzing.

My feeling is that this deal will be done by tonight.

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Things are really heating up now…

Multiple reports say the Blue Jays and Mets are very close to a deal and that something could eventually getting done.

What we know:

  • Catching prospect Travis D’Arnaud is definitely in the deal.
  • Outfield prospect Anthony Gose is not in the deal.
  • The deal is bigger than first thought and includes seven players. Three players to the Jays, and four to the Mets.
  • Toronto wants a catcher back in the deal, probably Josh Thole says Mike Puma.
  • The Mets will also get a pitcher back, Noah Syndergaard, who pitched at Single-A last year, speculates Mike Puma.
  • Dickey is willing to work on an extension deal with Jays who won’t do a trade without it.

Keep your dial set here for the latest…

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Highly regarded catching prospect Travis d’Arnaud is headed to the New York Mets in the swap for R.A. Dickey, a major league source told ESPN New York.

“The catcher will have to be in the deal if it is to get done,” the source said.

A scout who has watched d’Arnaud said: “A chance to be an offensive catcher with .275 BA, 20-25 homers. Works with pitchers well and calls a good game. Still needs work blocking balls to his right. Future good No. 6 hitter with potential leadership.”

One thing that has gotten little mention is that d’Arnaud was limited to 67 games and had his 2012 season end June 25 at Triple-A Las Vegas because of a knee injury suffered sliding into second base. The catcher suffered a torn posterior cruciate ligament in the left knee.

Also, Dickey is “willing” to talk extension with the Blue Jays once the deal is agreed upon. I guess they will have some sort of a negotiating window. He had been looking for at least $26 million in a two-year deal from the Mets, but that was an “olive branch” which the Mets did not accept.

I would expect Dickey will now want full market value after seeing Greinke and Sanchez get the money they got.

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The Blue Jays will not trade for Dickey unless he agrees to an extension according to Jon Heyman and Ken Rosenthal.

Joel Sherman is confirming (or reporting) that Anthony Gose is not included in the reported trade that is waiting on a medical review and the okay by Dickey on an extension deal.

Reports are filtering in that the Mets are also parting with an unnamed Top Prospect for Travis d’Arnaud.

Lots happening still…

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Here is the latest news on the R.A. Dickey front according to several of the reporters covering this still developing story:

More than a few reporters are now indicating that the Blue Jays and Mets are very close to a trade that could send R.A. Dickey to the Jays.

Initially, the Los Angeles Angels and the Baltimore Orioles were also engaging the Mets on Dickey, but at one point yesterday both teams seemed to drop out leaving Toronto as the lone suitor at the moment. Of course that could always change.

Once Zack Greinke, James Shields and Anibal Sanchez came off the board, interest in Dickey ramped up and the Mets appeared to have more discussions with teams than they had at the Winter Meetings and fielded calls from as many as 6-7 teams on Friday which ultimately became narrowed to the Rangers, Jays, Angels and Orioles.

The Orioles, Rangers and Angels eventually all dropped out according to several reports that were citing team sources, leaving the Blue Jays as the lone suitor for the reigning Cy Young winner.

Late last night, Jon Heyman then was the first to report on WFAN that the trade was all but completed, although no specifics are available at this time.

The Mets and Blue Jays have reportedly discussed players J.P. Arencibia, as well as prospects Travis d’Arnaud and Anthony Gose, but if d’Arnaud is included, Heyman added that the Mets would be sending more pieces than just Dickey alone. Some of the buzz out there suggested that Jon Niese could be going, but I couldn’t find an outlet that actually cited a team source which makes it unlikely to me. However I would imagine the Mets would have to sweeten the pot to get d’Arnaud who they seem to covet.

What all reports do seem to agree on is that Anthony Gose will most likely be at least one of the players coming back to the Mets. Nobody disputes that.

The issue for now seems to be that the Blue Jays want a window to negotiate with R.A. Dickey about a contract extension once the medical reports have been reviewed. But several sources are saying that it’s doubtful that Dickey won’t play out his option and become a free agent after the 2013 season.

Of course we will stay on top of this throughout the day, so keep checking back for the latest updates.

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Jeff Passan of Yahoo! Sports is reporting that the Mets are on the verge of a deal to send R.A. Dickey to the Toronto Blue Jays in exchange for prized Prospect Travis D’Arnaud.

According to Passan, D’Arnaud being in the deal likely means that this trade has expanded to include more pieces being swapped between the two clubs.

This trade is not finalized yet, and there is no official report that an agreement has been reached. We will continue to monitor this as the news breaks.