Recap Of Mets Conference Call

Here’s a recap of tonight’s conference call with Sandy Alderson who fielded questions from beat writers and reporters.

6:40 PM – Alderson begins apologizing to writers, thanking Dickey. “The final chapter has not been written, but it has been an extraordinary career.” (Rubin)

6:41 PM – Alderson says it was an “extraordinary privilege” to have Dickey in the Mets organization. (Carig)

6:42 PM – Terry Collins says it’s up in the air if d’Arnaud will start year in majors because he missed so much time last year in Triple-A. (Puma)

6: 43 PM – Alderson said difficult call if presented with R.A. at Mets’ number or this package. But said genuine interest to retain Dickey. (Rubin)

6:45 PM – Sandy Alderson: “We feel that players acquired in this deal, Buck and d’Arnaud in particular will made contributions in 2013.”

6:46 PM – Alderson: “We do expect to do some other things. We do expect to acquire some other players. We’re certainly not punting on 2013.” (Sounds vaguely familiar. <scratches head>)

6:47 PM – Alderson said by Tuesday or Wednesday of last week, final structure of players in deal was put in place.

6:48 PM – Alderson: “The decision to trade R.A. was not made until we understood what the final deal would be with Toronto.”

6:49 PM – Alderson: “Travis (d’Arnaud) and John (Buck) know each other from Travis’ first major league camp. Travis is close to the major leagues.”

6:51 PM – D’Arnaud did not have surgery for ligament tear in knee. Not standard protocol. Wasn’t complete tear. Was examined by Mets doctors. (Mets doctors? Whew, that’s a relief.)

6:52 PM – Alderson: “We feel d’Arnaud can be a difference maker.” (Does he feel with his right or left hand?)

6:53 PM – Alderson: “Noah is a very high ceiling power pitcher. He’s further away, obviously, having just pitched in low-A last year.” ETA not soon.

6:54 PM – Alderson: “This move has nothing to do with the team’s finances. This was a baseball decision.”

6:56 PM – Alderson: “It also became clear in a hot market for pitching, that Dickey’s value in a trade was also skyrocketing.”

6:58 PM – Alderson: “Were we not able to get the quality in return, I expected that R.A. would have remained a Met.”

(What happened to Terry Collins?)

6:59 PM – Alderson: “We’re not going to replace him with a No. 1 starter in return, but we’re going to have to find someone to give us some of those wins.” (No kidding, Sandman)

7:00 PM – Alderson: “I recognize this is an entertainment business and it was great to have R.A. here. But longterm this was right thing to do.” (Canadians will be entertained, that’s for sure.)

7:01 PM – Alderson: “I’m hoping in coming years our overall popularity will be a function of success rather than individuals.”

7:03 PM – On catching, Alderson said he would find additional catching, for depth if nothing else. (Rubin)

7:05 PM – Alderson: “I have been talking with free-agent outfielders and with teams about trades. There’s a long time between now and the beginning of February.” (Yes, 44 days)

7:05 PM – Alderson: “We will acquire a starting pitcher and we can offer a spot in the rotation.” (Plenty of fish in the sea. I think.)

(My fingers are getting tired)

7:06 PM – Mets have lots of work to do. Shopping list includes: outfielders, starting pitcher, catcher, relievers.

Mass has ended, go in peace…

Nothing earth shattering here…

1. They sold high on Dickey.

2. They got prospects and believe someday one will be a difference maker.

3. Only Buck will likely be on opening day roster, leaving more holes now than before.

4. Team is now going after a starting pitcher, backup catcher for Buck, two outfielders, a long reliever.

5. They feel there’s plenty of quality players still available and they will sign those players.

6. Again and again, they will not punt in 2013.

Ummm…. Okay….

Hope you enjoyed this. I don’t usually do live blogs….


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