Puma: Mets Should Be Getting Outfield Help Soon

Sandy Alderson

The Mets should be adding an outfielder in the coming days tweets Mike Puma of the New York Post. Puma doesn’t specify a name or whether the acquisition will be via free agency or trade, however Puma offers us two clues. One, is that the front office has been “working on something” and two, that this mystery outfielder has not been linked to the Mets.

If this is true, than the particular acquisition that Puma is referring to would most likely not involve Cody Ross or Scott Hairston, the two right hand-hitting outfielders the Mets have been linked to this winter.

Via free agency, barring an uncharacteristically large contract offer to Nick Swisher or Michael Bourn, some Alderson-esq options on the free agent wire could include Rick Ankiel, Grady Sizemore, Johnny Damon, Bobby Abreu and Raul Ibanez.  Those are some names that are just pure speculation on my part, however if it isn’t via free agency, who knows what could come via a potential trade.

I hope this one will be a “difference maker” as well… the Mets need a few more on this roster.

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