Mets Not Looking Into Pestano, Red Sox Might Be Moving Ellsbury

As the second day of the Winter Meetings in Nashville comes to a close, here are a few updates that might be of interest to you all…

  • Buster Olney tweets that the Red Sox might be looking to move Jacoby Ellsbury for pitching now. This is likely surfacing because the Red Sox signed Shane Victorino. Jacoby Ellsbury is a pretty good player, and with Niese’s name being thrown out more often along with RA Dickey on the winds of trade, the Mets might have a potential match here. That is purely speculation, however.
  • Unfortunately for anybody who was ecstatic at the idea of the Mets going after Vinnie Pestano, like myself, it might have been too good to be true. Adam Rubin tweets that he was told by a Mets source that there is nothing behind the Mets going after Pestano rumor.
  • The Mets were also rumored to be going after Ryan Ludwick, and even willing to offer him a two-year deal, but Jeff Passan tweets that the Reds are closing in on a deal with him. Nothing is official yet, but the consensus seems to be a two-year, $14 MM deal for Ludwick in the direction of Cincinnati.
  • As of last night, the Mets are still in the mix for Scott Hairston, tweets Ken Rosenthal. The bad news is that the two other teams in the mix are the Phillies and the Yankees.
  • The D-Wright press conference is at 12 PM.
  • The Rockies acquired Wilton Lopez, which is intriguing, because he was originally going to be dealt to Philadelphia earlier this offseason before that deal got nixed. Lopez has the potential to be a superb reliever, while the Rox sent away Alex White in this deal – and I am a strong believer in his talent. This will be interesting.
  • The Marlins traded away Yunel Escobar to the Rays for Derek Dietrich, an infielding prospect. The Marlins now have only one player making over $1.75 MM for the following year – it is Ricky Nolasco. They are, however, looking for a third baseman – as Escobar was traded away because he expressed his lack of desire to play third base. The Fish are rumored to be looking into Jack Hannahan. They could also potentially stick to using Zack Cox, acquired for Edward Mujica, but he is raw.

And of course, your nightly RA Dickey feed…

  • As you have heard, Wil Myers for RA Dickey is not happening. However, Wil Myers is available. I personally think he will be flipped to Tampa for James Shields, whom will see his value increase alongside Dickey once Zack Greinke is signed. If the Mets do decide they are going to trade Dickey, it would be best to wait a little until after Greinke signs.
  • The rumors circling around, however, paint a positive picture for the Mets getting an extension or new contract done for RA.
  • The Mets might actually get a better return for Jon Niese than they do for Dickey, and they are willing to include lower level prospects like Darin Gorski in deals to get them done.
  • The Dodgers, D-Backs, Royals, Blue Jays, Rockies, Red Sox, Orioles, Nationals, Rangers and Brewers have all showed interest in Dickey within the past day, of varying intensity. We have a team from our own division inquiring about him… I do not foresee the Mets trading Dickey within the division, however. The lack of trading within a division is helpful to us in a way, however, because it forces the Red Sox to talk more to us since the Rays will be unwilling to deal within the AL East.