NL East Teams Have Taken Steps To Improve, Except For The Mets

Alderson still has not decided whether he wants to trade Dickey or re-sign him.

There have been a lot of rumors so far this offseason regarding the Mets, which has been both exciting and frustrating at the same time. But, even with all of the rumors, Mets fans have yet to see Sandy make any addition to the team that will be part of the 2013 roster. The reality is that every team in the NL East has made a significant move, with the exception of our beloved Mets. Let’s take a quick look at the impact moves made by our division rivals, compared to the lack of moves in general by Alderson.

  • The Braves signed B.J. Upton, Gerald Laird and Reed Johnson. Then they traded Tommy Hanson for Jordan Walden.
  • The Phillies traded Vance Worley to get Ben Revere, and also acquired Michael Young.
  • The Nationals have signed Dan Haren and traded for outfielder Denard Span.
  • The Marlins dumped all their huge contracts in a fire sale, and then signed Juan Pierre, .
  • The Mets…. They signed Anthony Recker and Brandon Hicks to minor league deals.

Please excuse me while I throw up in my mouth.

Upton, Laird, Johnson, Walden, Revere, Span, Pierre would have all been upgrades for the Mets. Instead they all end up being upgrades for our division rivals.

I get it, this won’t be our only move. But we are already in the second the week of December, when are they going pull the trigger or sign someone that will actually help this ball club win games next season?

I understand that Sandy is evaluating the market, but how long does that take?

It seems our division rival GM’s are much more adept in evaluating the market, as evidenced by them making moves to improve their clubs without hesitation, and honestly, it is starting to get a little frustrating.

Why have the Mets not signed a backup catcher yet – Miguel Olivo, or even an attempt to lure A.J. Pierzynski?

Why have they not offered Cody Ross a contract?

What about Grady Sizemore at a low cost with incentives based on health and performance?

Are they really going into next season with Francisco as a their closer and Parnell as his setup man?

We don’t know if Alderson has looked into any of these players or not, but all we are getting is the daily Dickey rumors and not much else. Are they incapable of multitasking? Have the Dickey negotiations paralyzed them? Everyday we see useful players coming off the board – players that would have certainly helped and improved us.

It’s not just the fact that we are not making any improvements to our team… It’s the fact that the other teams in the division are all improving while we idly wait on the sidelines.

Give us something already Sandy, anything.