Another View Of Why The Mets Are Unlikely To Trade R.A. Dickey

Readers of this blog and all of the other Mets-related sites have been speculating on what kind of return would make it worthwhile for the Mets to trade RA Dickey at the peak of his value. Some suggest one “super-prospect”.  Others suggest a package. I had my own thoughts that Dickey should bring back the kind of almost-major-leaguers-but still-prospects such as the Padres got for Mat Latos. But the more I think about it, I’m convinced the Mets won’t make a deal. Here’s why.

Those of us who read the posts on this site every day or in many cases, multiple times a day, are not the typical Mets fan. Think about it. In any office or group situation, you’ll have some people who have no interest in baseball at all, and then you’ll have those who say they are baseball fans. Of those who claim to be Mets fans, there are probably a handful who, like us, think they know about almost every major league player or potential major leaguer who might help the Mets. Then there are those who are fairly knowledgeable about baseball, but have never heard names like Wilmer Flores or Jeurys Familia, not to mention Wil Myers or Travis d’Arnaud. Another  group could probably only name about ten or so, players on the Mets, if that, but certainly know the names R.A. Dickey and David Wright and most of the “prominent” players on other teams.

How would those last two groups of fans react to a trade of R.A. Dickey for a player or players they’ve never heard of? To most of us, that shouldn’t be Alderson’s primary concern, but unfortunately, I think it is definitely one of them. Just recently, the Mets sent out a fan survey asking which promotions would have the most appeal.  I’d think that most readers of this site had little if any interest in that kind of survey and would have preferred a survey that asked “what is most likely to get you excited about the upcoming Mets season” with choices such as “signing RA Dickey to a long-term deal”, “Trading Dickey for some top prospects” or the likely most popular choice “Hearing that the Wilpons are putting the team up for sale”.

Trade Dickey, don’t trade Dickey, just show me that the Mets are making an effort to put a contending team on the field and I’ll be satisfied. So far, nothing’s happening to make the team better and I think ALL Mets fans can agree on that.

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