Meanwhile In The Dickey Camp…

R.A. Dickey told reporters this morning that he is surprised by how slow negotiations have gone on a contract extension, and expressed disappointment with the slow pace.

He is no longer sure they’re far enough along to determine if talks are going in the right direction.

Dickey said the Mets have made a formal offer and he has countered with his proposal, but has not heard back from the team as of yet.

According to Adam Rubin, if a new extension is not signed by the Winter Meetings next week, Dickey will go to the hotel in Nashville, and intends to personally confront the front office and get clarity on the negotiations and sit in with them to negotiate a deal if he has to.

If they cannot come to terms on a contract extension, Dickey said he will not negotiate during the season.

I wish I knew what the numbers were on that Mets offer…. I bet they low balled him something fierce… I think they prefer to trade Dickey and keep Wright, but they must find away to tarnish Dickey’s image as they’ve done with so many other former Mets… Unfortunately that’s how it works…

That said, Dickey doesn’t sound like someone you want to mess with. He’s a straight shooter and doesn’t seem the type that would take that sitting down…

The fact he sent the Mets a counter and never heard back, is exactly what Mets second round draft pick Teddy Stankiewicz told me happened when he told the Mets slot would get it done. Also, at least three of the other 21 unsigned players that know, told me the same thing. This is a clear indication of how this front office works which I find fascinating in this day and age of technologically advanced communication at the speed of light. These types of tactics worked well in the eighties, but this is a new age, and quick communication is key to any negotiations.

I think Dickey is gone, but for what and for who?

Yes, Dickey just won a Cy Young, but he’s still a one-year rental and a 38-year old one at that.

I’ve heard all the “knuckleballers pitch until they are 45” stories, but it’s still a risk and teams may not be willing to trade a young 22-year old top prospect for a risk like that. Especially for a one year rental.


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