If I Were David Wright, I’d Wait To Sign Extension

At seasons end Dickey called he and Wright a “package deal”. He is right, they should be.

Obviously I am not David Wright, but if I were I would wait until I saw some improvements to the current ballclub before signing any extension  Lately we have been hearing about the Mets quest to make David a “Met for life”. David may have grown up a Mets fan, but that does not mean he still doesn’t have the desire to win and have success during his Major League career.

I’m sure being drafted by the Mets was a dream come true for David, but I am also sure this is not how he envisioned things going after the tremendous 2006 season.

David is going to get paid whether it be by the Mets or somebody else. He will be a rich man with no worries in that department. The question will be, will he ever win anything here in New York? To me that would be the question I would be asking myself right now if I was him.

The Mets have made plenty of empty promises over the years. They have had miss after miss with our high end prospects. They have had great seasons end epic collapses. They have had controversy, and yes they have even had a little success from time to time.

The fact of the matter is, the next contract David signs will be the biggest decision of his professional career. He is 30 years old and in the middle of his prime. He will be signing the biggest deal he will ever get as a professional ballplayer. If he signs an extension for 6-8 years, he will be in his mid-late thirties when it ends.

As of today Wright is on a club with no support, and currently one that is still a few years away from possibly becoming serious contenders.

Is he willing to wait until he is 33-35 to be able to make a run? Does Wright want to toil away in 4th or 5th place while Washington, Atlanta and Philly battle for NL East supremacy?

If I were Wright I would make Sandy Alderson show me that he is serious about building a wining ball club. I would want to see serious negotiations with R.A. Dickey end in a contract signing. I would want, and expect to see some quality additions to address the weaknesses the team had in 2012. Once I saw that actually happen, only then would I consider signing on the dotted line.

Don’t get me wrong, I want Wright here more than anything else. All I’m saying is that if I were a player about to sign the last contract of my career, and winning a World Series was one of my most important goals, I’d think twice before I commit myself to any team – especially one that has finished in fourth place in four straight seasons.