Giancarlo Stanton Writes His Ticket Out Of Miami, Met Fans Can Only Dream

In a post for, Peter Gammons, Stanton fired away at team ownership, a move that will essentially hasten his exodus from South Beach.

I’m certain that most of you already heard about Stanton’s first reaction to the trade when he took to Twitter and said, “Alright I’m ticked off. I do not like this at all. This is the ‘winning philosophy?”

It turns out that was just the calm before the storm…

Stanton, who just turned 23, didn’t hold back in this exclusive interview:

“They talked about that, a winning philosophy, and how they were building a winner to play in the new ballpark. They talked about me and Jose. They talked about how they’d have Jose and Emilio and Hanley in front of me and how they would go get a bat to protect me.. all three are gone now. I had people warn me that something like this could happen… Again, I do not like this at all.”

Stanton, who led the league with a .608 slugging percentage in 2012, seems to have reached a breaking point with the Marlins:

“Then to say it’s not about money, what is the motivation? Where is that winning philosophy? How many times do you have to be told something and have it change before you realize what’s going on? It’s like the boy who cried wolf. Maybe that’s the business everywhere. But I would like to think it’s not that way. Baseball is about winning. It is about people. When it’s not about winning and not about human beings, I don’t want to be a part of that.”

Winning is something Giancarlo talks about a lot, and he used the word again and again throughout his interview.

“I can deal with losing as long as one is trying to win. If you’re losing and you’re not trying to win, that is not fair. I play to have fun, I play to win, I play for my teammates. There’s nothing I can do. I’m not going to change the way I work out in the offseason and prepare. I’m not going to change the way I approach the game. I’m not going to change the way I play every day.”

With his first year of arbitration looming next offseason, and despite the Marlins denials, Stanton could be jettisoned by next season’s all All Star break at the very latest, although after this tirade he could be gone this Winter.

With the latest version of the Mets’ ever-evolving philosophy now at “keep the arms and buy the bats”, don’t expect Stanton in a Mets uniform anytime soon, but feel free to dream.

Additionally I doubt the Marlins would trade him in the division anyway unless they are completely overwhelmed and blown away, and we all know that’s not happening.

I think Stanton is an absolute stud who is on a Hall of Fame trajectory. (Yes, I just said that.)

If he could hit 37 home runs at age 22, what can we expect from him when he enters his prime years at ages 26-28?

Even more incredible is that he hit those 37 bombs while missing almost 25% of the season and in just 449 at-bats.

I read recently that Stanton’s home runs travel farther distances and leave the park faster than any other player in the major leagues. How perfect that would play out in Citi Field…

I’m thinking the Yankees, Red Sox, Giants or Rangers is where he will end up.

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