Mets Offer Wright 7-Year, $124 Million Deal

Update at 3:55 PM on 11/29

Andy Martino of the Daily News commented on the Wright negotiations earlier today via Twitter: “Wright deal could get done with one more conversation, but my guess — just a guess, not sourced — is that his camp will wait a few days.”

Update at 9:20am on 11/29:

The Mets have offered Wright an 8-year, $140 million dollar deal says Andy Martino of the Daily News. That offer includes his 2013 option, so essentially it is a 7-year, $124 million dollar deal being offered to the star third baseman.

The deal is believed to be similar to the structure to that of Jose Reyes’ contract that he signed with the Marlins last winter, meaning that it is backloaded and essentially the first two years of the new deal will be around $10-13 million, after which it will skyrocket to the $20 million range. Martino is also reporting that the deferrals are similar to those of Santana’s/Beltran’s contracts.

The Mets are supposedly waiting on a response from Wright’s camp at this time.

We’ll have more on this for you as this new development unravels.

Original Post 4:23pm on 11/28:

After the swarm of reports yesterday regarding the contract extension talks between the Mets and their star third baseman David Wright, capped off by Wright himself coming out and denying the reports, WFAN’s Mike Francesa reported on his show earlier today that the offer is ‘legit’ and close to coming to fruition.

Here is what Francesa had to say this morning, transcribed by Danny Abriano of Rising Apple:

“My understanding is the offer is legitimate. … You cannot say the Mets have not made a fair offer. They have made a legitimatley fair, sound, offer. The biggest issue is how much is front-loaded, how much is in the later parts of the contract. Is there deferred money after the contract ends? Clearly, how you structure the contract is still open for debate. … I think the Mets have put forth a contract that is substantial and is respectful in every way. … I was a little surprised by some of the comments from Wright’s camp, but it’s posturing. … The only thing I wanted to find out is whether the deal is legit, and the deal is legit. Does he want to stay? I would think he does. I would categorize them as being very close.”

Wright has stated that he wants to keep contract discussions private, so perhaps he came out and denied the reports last night at an attempt to keep said negotiations so? Who knows.

Keep checking back here at MMO in the coming days as these developments continue to heat up. We’ll have all the latest news on everything Mets for you!

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