MetsMerized Radio: Pagan & Torres Is On The Menu, We’ll Look In On The AFL Too

So it is definitely that time again – when MetsMerized Radio rolls up into your lives on your Thursday evenings. The radio show has taken on a life of its own – although I can guarantee it will not be crawling into your windows or snatching your family up. Instead, the radio show is a little more interested in getting us to talk about the topics that resonate across the Mets fan base – or at least here around MMO. The topics are numerous, but alas the time is limited… Here’s a preview of what you might hear on the air.

  • Will the real Angel Pagan please stand up? Talk about a change of scenery leading to a rewrite of the script… Was getting out of NY the best thing for Angel Pagan? Is the 2012 season indicative of the real Angel Pagan? Was the proverbial wall that Angel ran into towards the end of his Mets tenure a lack of talent, or was it something else?
  • On a scale of Jason Bay to Mike Piazza, how bad did the Pagan trade work out for the Mets and Alderson? Is it worth bringing back Andres Torres?
  • Speaking of bringing back guys, should Mike Pelfrey get tendered a contract?
  • Ozzie Guillen is gone from Miami – should we be happy?
  • How are our prospects doing down in the Arizona Fall League?
  • Are we breeding a losing culture in Flushing?
  • Why are all of my bullet points questions and not statements?

I often stress that the radio show is nothing without you all out there – the readers and listeners. This is literal, because otherwise it would just be a phone call between two guys talking about baseball. On that note, if you are interested in just listening to some good ol’ baseball talk for 30 minutes, I can recommend you no better place than MetsMerized Radio. You might laugh, you might cry, and you might even learn something.

As always, I want to encourage you to leave questions here in the comment thread for Pete and myself to address during the show – and the number to call-in LIVE will be given out during the show itself. So, I hope you can join us tonight for another episode of the longest running weekly episodic radio show associated with MetsMerizedOnline, the MMO Radio Show!

Click here for the link to tonight’s show. It will begin at 6:30 PM.