Could Gregerson and Andrus Be Trade Targets For Mets This Winter?

With the season entering its last few weeks, there are few things left for Mets fans to be excited about. Of course there are exceptions such as Dickey’s run at the Cy Young award and getting to see some of the younger players, such as Jeurys Familia and Matt Harvey. The focus, for the most part, has now turned to the offseason and what Sandy Alderson plans on doing to improve a ball club that needs help in more than a few areas. Signing a big time free agent seems to be out of the question so, as Sandy stated a few weeks back, trades may be the most logical way to improve this ball club until it is ready (or able) to spend money.

That being said, the question now turns to what players would the Mets be interested in trading for and what would they be willing to give up. Here a few names that I think could be moved this winter and should draw the attention of Sandy and his brain trust.

Elvis Andrus: Andrus could be an interesting name this winter. For one, he is one of the better young players in the league who plays a solid shortstop and has a live bat with great speed. By all rights, Texas has no business trading him. However, the Rangers possess the top position prospect in baseball, Jurickson Profar. Profar is a shortstop by trade and with the Rangers entrenched with solid players at almost every position, could look to move Andrus and go with the 19 years old. I know most will think it would be unwise for the Mets to add a shortstop when a viable option in Ruben Tejada is already on the team, but Andrus is worth exploring. Plus Tejada could always move to second base, where he has played in the past if the Mets could move Murphy for the next player on my list….

Luke Gregerson: Before the deadline, the Padres supposedly offered Gregerson to the Mets straight up for Murphy. I believed the Mets should have pulled the trigger on that deal then, and should revisit the idea this winter. Even if my dream scenario I mentioned above didn’t happen, the Mets could replace Murphy at second with in house options like Jordany Valdespin, Justin Turner, or even Reese Havens (if he could ever become what we all hope). It would be sad to see him go since I have always liked Murphy and his bat, but adding a reliable arm like Gregerson, who has been one of the better eighth inning pitchers in baseball, is to good to pass up.

Justin Upton: This is a name brought up time and time again in Mets trade circles. And it is easy to see why. The Mets are desperate for outfield help and the Diamondbacks seem willing to move Upton for the right price. Could the Mets pull it off? It may be tough, but could be done. The D’Backs would almost certainly ask for Harvey, Wheeler, or Niese in the deal which would prompt a resounding no from Alderson and company. Yet players like the aforementioned Jeurys Familia, Jenrry Mejia, Wilmer Flores, and Cesar Puello could be names that interest Arizona. Upton would immediately revamp the Mets lineup and outfield, excite the fan base, and would also add a little motivation for David Wright to stay, given the chance to play with a childhood friend.

Honorable Mentions: Josh Willingham, Jeff Niemann, Matt Garza, Brandon League, and Huston Street.

The list will undoubtedly grow and it will take parting with some very valued players to acquire. However with the Mets “limited” by their finances, trades for major league ready talent could cost these pieces. The Mets front office will have their work cut out for them but thats why Alderson was brought here. So, do you agree with this list? Who else would you want the Mets to explore a trade for? Who would you be willing to give up?