Amazin’ Solutions – A Look At Left Field

The very hot topic lately with the Metsmerized Nation, and with Mets fans in general, has been the future of the Metropolitans’ outfield, and more specifically, Jason Bay’s future with the team.

Mike B noted in his post earlier that Sandy Alderson has stated that the Mets are not simply going to eat Bay’s contract and release him. This all but crushes many Mets fans dreams of a team without the automatic out that we call Jason Bay in the lineup for 2013. But if the Mets are insisting on having an automatic out in their lineup, I have come up with a solution that could potentially lead to higher ticket sales, and help pay off some of that money that is owed to Jason Bay.

…as you all wait on the edge of your seat for me to unveil my master plan.

My amazin’ solution is that the Mets should randomly select a fan, before every game, to play left field. Let’s face it…it can’t get any worse. If anything else, you will draw more fans to the stadium if they thought they actually had a chance of getting to play in a major league game.

You can even rotate a different fan every inning if you really want to make it interesting. The only person that should be worried is Jason Bay, who could potentially lose his job to a fan if my plan gets implemented. Can you imagine your friends coming up to you at work the day after a game and saying “wow, great catch in the 7th inning yesterday.” I guess it might also backfire and people could end up saying “wow, I didn’t realize how much weight you gained until I saw you try to squeeze into those baseball pants. Didn’t they have anything bigger than a small?” Not so good.

Sorry everyone. I wish I had an answer to our problems with Jason Bay, but I don’t. If I did, I would be in the Mets front office, instead of sitting at my computer writing this. But I still think my idea would be pretty amazin’.

Amazin’ Solutions is a segment I will be covering for Mets Merized Online going forward. It will take an in depth look at the different issues the Mets are facing, and provide solutions for those issues. Sometimes, when the issues are so complex that they may not have a solution, I may just have a little fun like I did in this post.