Alderson Says Mets Won’t Eat Bay’s Contract, Collins Responds By Saying Bay Will Platoon

Terry Collins told reporters after the game yesterday, that Jason Bay is now a platoon player in the outfield. His playing time will be dependent on who is on the mound.

“We’re going to make some, certainly depending on who is on the mound, some adjustments out there,” Collins said.

“We’ve got to get our left-handed bats in the lineup. Those guys have given us some good opportunities to win some games and they’re having some pretty good years. I want to make sure they get out there. It will depend on matchups who we want in left field.”

When asked to comment, Bay told reporters, “I’m trying to be a realist with all that’s happened. I’m not always the best option.”

“This didn’t blindside me. I’ve had some time to digest this,” he added. “I don’t want to be a distraction. If I had a leg to stand on it would different, he said. “I can’t say anything.”

All this came after Sandy Alderson confirmed that the Mets would not eat Bay’s contract and he will not be cut or released.

“Certainly, there are times when it is appropriate to eat a contract. There are other times when it is not. Jason Bay is not going anywhere, nor is his contract.”

Original Post 8/7

In what was an exciting day for the Mets as they unveiled their logo for next seasons All-Star Game, Met fans got what they should now be used to by now. Good news in one hand and bad news in the other. The bad news pertains to, as it lately always does, Jason Bay.

Mets GM Sandy Alderson stated that the Mets would not be eating Jason Bay’s current contract with the team in order to release him. Alderson also went on to state that this was the teams position at this time and could be changed, which most Met fans know will not happen. With the uncertainty/mystery surrounding the Mets financial state, there is now way the Mets can afford to pay Bay’s salary with him playing somewhere else. So get used to seeing number 44 patrol right field of Citi Field for the remainder of that four year, 66 million dollar contract. Well, at least to some degree.

Perhaps the only saving grace with Bay came from Terry Collins. Collins stated that for the remainder of the season, Bay will be playing based on match-ups. So, going forward Bay will essentially be a platoon player, logically splitting time with Mike Baxter and Jordany Valdespin.

Upon hearing this news, I have to say that my reaction was mixed. On one hand, I have always felt bad and pulled for Jason Bay. It is hard to see a guy that was on the top of his game just fall so far from grace, so fast. This is one of the few cases I can recall where a player just lost “it”, with it being everything that made him a ballplayer. On the other hand, I want the Mets to win and when Bay is in the lineup, it seems those chances just disappear. Plus, I would like to see what Baxter and Valdespin can really bring to this team going forward, and if they are viable options for next season, when likely every outfield position will be up for grabs.

What angers me the most out of all of this, is the fact that this team is so stricken financially that it cannot release a player that has no business being on this team. What exactly is the plan financially? Can this team pay David Wright or bring any free agents in if it can’t afford to bounce its biggest black hole on the roster? That is another topic for another time, but at least we know now that when that time comes, Jason Bay will still be apart of this team.