No-Hitter Reactions: Oh, What A Night!

Gregg – On this historic night the numbers, 57, 6/1/12, and 8020, will have significant meaning in the lexicon of Met fans. Johan Santana is the true ace of this ball club. Besides the no hitter, its now two complete game shutouts in a row. I caught Johan’s locker room speech on SNY, he more or less said, he was having fun and doing his job! What a modest, down to earth guy. Met’s magic is back, and it lives forever!

Fonzie13 – Tonight’s historic night by Johan Santana was one of the most memerable nights in Franchise History. After all the heartbreaks and turmoil over the last 5-6 years, for one night it felt like 1986 all over again. The feeling I had after this game felt just like the night the ball went through Buckners legs, the night Jesse went down to his knees, the night Piazza carried Mike Hampton in his arms, the day Todd Pratt ended the NLDS, The Ventura Grand Single 99 NLCS, The Agbayani Walkoff 2000 NLDS, The Dykstra walkoff 86 NLCS all wrapped into one. Johans last start in 2008 showed me a lot about his charachter and his will to win. Tonight showed me what the man was made of. To come back from an injury that has endedpretty much everybody else’s career and not only pitch well this entire season but throw the teams first no-hitter, Johan has put himself among the greatest Mets of all time. I won’t sleep for 2 days now. If this team somehow pulls off a miracle and gets itself into the postseason, this could be the night we all look back as the night that began the miracle run. Ya Gotta Believe!

Dan – All this happened and I missed it! I heard it but I did not get to see it. If I was going to miss a moment like that I am thankful for the voice of Howie Rose. He painted a picture as though you were watching. Howie also did not mention the phrase “No-Hitter” once during the entire broadcast. He used phrases like “the Mets have all the hits and all the runs” to describe the Magic that was happening at Citi Field. My heart was pounding as he faced his last batter and then I began screaming in my car on the way home from work after his struck out Freese. I will never forget that moment.

Satish – Is it horrible that I was worried not because I thought Santana would lose the no-hitter, but rather that Collins would take him out. I finally have a story to tell when I get older. Even if we do not win another championship until I die, I get to say that I saw the first Mets no-hitter at 18. No words in any language can replicate my excitement, my happiness, and my awe. Thank you Johan. By the way, Mike Baxter now has my eternal respect. I’m living a dream right now!

Brandon – When Johan struck out Freese, I was utterly speechless. All throughout the 9th inning my heart was racing! I was really hoping Johan would close the door on history. He did just that and more. Even though he had his pitches working effectively, it was a team effort. Regardless of that, Johan made sure the entire team (including the fans) was celebrating with him. That’s what makes it more memorable for me. Congratulations Johan! Way to go man!

Jessep – I don’t think a fan of another team can ever understand how I feel tonight. It’s almost like a right of passage. I am 2 hours away from home in Red Sox country tonight with no chance to see the game. I checked my phone after an incredibly rough night with putting our kid to bed, and see Johan is through 7. I go into my car, and start moving it back and forth because the WFAN feed would kick in and out. Finally he gets through the 8th and I come inside because the house I’m staying in had MLB Network. When he got the final out, I didn’t even say anything. I pumped my fist and let the texts come through. It felt like the Mets won the World Series. I am a believer, this is the year the Mets shock the world and get to the playoffs and if they do not, tonight was worth it. It’s almost 1am right now and I cannot even lay down because I’m so jacked up right now. Tonight is a nigh that every Met fan goes to sleep and wakes up proud that they root for the blue and orange. An unforgettable night.

Joe S. – First it’s hard to control my emotions here. I’m thankful that I was sitting with my daughter on my lap watching history in the making, thinking of all the time my dad and I sat watching and hoping for this. Think of what we witnessed for a moment even if you’re not the sentimental type. Let it sink in. Relish it. This is why we love this game. This is why we love this team.

Clayton – Johan Santana has always been one of my favorite Mets of all time. Not because he is a Cy-Young caliber pitcher that came in and solidified the rotation with a bonafide ace, but because he’s a winner, a leader, a workhorse; I’ll stop here, because all adjectives and superlatives apply. Coming off of a career threatening injury, I predicted no more than 15 starts from him in 2012. Not only did he prove me wrong, but has looked as good as ever, most exemplified by tonight’s performance. This guy leaves everything he has on the field. He is the epitome of what a baseball player should be and someone any young aspiring player should idolize. Next to Seaver, there isn’t anyone I’d rather see be the first person to throw a no-hitter for the New York Mets than Johan Santana. Was that moment worth 137.5 million dollars? You bet your ass it was.

Andrew – I was out to dinner with my family and friends — notably my father, who is a Mets fan through and through. Also at dinner was my boss, a lifelong St. Louis Cardinals fan. We were at a pizzeria, and so we couldn’t watch the game on a big TV. Instead, we kept tracking it on our iPhones. Duda hits his HR and we got excited to see the lead get bigger for Johan, but then it got late in the game. We just finished paying, so we went to tables outside and streamed the game on the phone. We saw the Mets bat in the bottom of the eighth. Then the ninth inning started and we huddled around the phone. Matt Holliday flew out for the first out and my dad kept giggling as if he was in disbelief. Two outs on Allen Craig’s flyout. Then, when David Freese struck out, I jumped out of my seat and ran around like crazy. My throat still hurts as I write this. People in the restaurant must have thought my pants were on fire. But I didn’t care. I saw the first Mets no-hitter. It couldn’t have happened to a better person — Johan Santana. And it couldn’t have happened at a better time: with my dad. Like all us Mets fans always say, YA GOTTA BELIEVE!

Joe D. – I already posted my reaction this morning. What more can I add to all of these wonderful reactions from our staff other than to say that Citi Field finally had it’s first memorable moment… It’s first Magic Moment… Last night, Johan Santana christened our new ballpark and hopefully this was just the first of many more wonderful and lasting memories to come at Citi Field. Back in March when I told the Mets Protest Brigade that I hoped they would miss the Mets first no-hitter as punishment, I never really thought it would happen. 🙂

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