System Failure: No End In Sight For Mets Bullpen Implosions

In eleven save opportunities, the Mets bullpen now has five blown saves. That’s not a typo – Five blown saves to go with six saves for the season so far.

Every time that bullpen gate opens, no matter who emerges from it, the odds that they will protect any size lead is a little bit better than 50/50.

A revamped bullpen you say?

The Mets saw fit to expend 75% of their available $14 million dollar offseason budget on relievers Ramon Ramirez, Jon Rauch and of course the big enchilada – Frank Francisco. The problem is they have provide no relief and mostly grief.

“We’re down there to eat innings, to come into situations and get guys out and preserve leads,” Jon Rauch said after another blown save last night. “We just haven’t done it well.”

Yes Jon, we agree.

Last season the bullpen went downhill fast after the team decided to trade Francisco Rodriguez, but so far this season it’s ben even worse and it has become the team’s death knell.

Going into today’s game, the Mets bullpen has the fourth worst ERA in baseball at 4.95, and according to the NY Post, Mets relievers are 1-3 with a 8.64 ERA over their past seven games.

The biggest problem is the alarming amount of walks Mets relievers have been dishing out. In 83 innings of relief, the Mets have allowed 43 walks and 91 hits while striking out 71. They have the worst OPS allowed in the league, a horrifying .774 on-base plus slugging. Their 1.58 WHIP is the second worst mark in the league.

They cant seem to hold runners on either, and have the third worst caught stealing percentage in the league at 17%.

It’s only May 5th.

Usually, our bullpen used to do a pretty decent job for the Mets all the way through the first half. But now they’ve reached the Suck Level after barely a month into the season.

This might end up being the worst bullpen we’ve had in decades unless things get turned around in a real hurry. I don’t recall it ever being this bad, this early in a long, long time.