Prospect Pulse: Quick Q&A With St. Lucie Infielder Danny Muno

I caught up with St. Lucie Mets infielder Danny Muno during St. Lucie’s off-day on Sunday. The St. Lucie Mets lead the Florida State League’s Southern Division by 9.0 games right now with a 28-8 record. We only had a few minutes for a quick couple of questions, but I thought you might find it interesting none-the-less. Here’s what we had time for:

Petey:  Hey Danny, what are some of the toughest things about playing in the Florida State League?

Danny:  The heat and humidity are the toughest things so far.

That’s something we don’t consider, the effects of playing a full summer season under that broiling Florida sun. And it’s still only May. I hope for his sake he gets to Bingo before the real heat arrives.

Petey:  What are you working the hardest on as far as your game right now?

Danny:  Working on my approach at the plate.

Well his offensive game seems to be on the right track. In 141 AB’s he has 18 runs, 40 hits, 9 2B’s, 1 3B, 5 HR’s, 22 RBI’s and 6 SB’s. His slash line for the year is: .284/.344/.468, with an OPS of .812. He’s also played a solid second-base committing just three errors.

Petey:  Who is the toughest opposing pitcher you have faced this year?

Danny:  Gerrit Cole was the toughest so far.

This past Saturday was the first time the Mets would get the opportunity to see Cole, last year’s 1st player taken overall in the draft. For the day Muno faced Cole three times. He struck out looking in the first inning. He took Cole deep over the left-field wall for his fifth home run of the season in the third inning, and grounded out third-to-first in the sixth inning. The homer would be the only run the Mets scored that game.

Petey:  What is the main thing you want to accomplish with the rest of this season?

Danny:  I want to make it to AA and continue to keep winning.

Something tells me Danny is going to achieve both those goals this year.

Petey:  What if you had a choice between AA and no play-offs, and St. Lucie and a play-off appearance? That’s a tough one right?

Danny:  No that one is easy, St. Lucie and the playoffs, cause I love to win.

Petey:  Hahah! That’s what I expect from you Danny! With the pitching the Mets have in the system, you are going to be playing for plenty of championships over the years! And right now you Lucie guys are doing an awesome job!

Danny:  Yep n’ we are going to continue to win for a long time to come even to the big leagues.

Muno is a winner. Ya just gotta love this guy!

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