Ask Petey: Where Will Nimmo, Marquez & Evans Play?

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Another good question was just slid under my door, but when I checked, there was no one out in the hall except the neighbor’s cat. Could this have been sent by the Secret Service?….nah! It’s just a note in a badly soiled envelope with a barely legible name scribbled across it: Fonzie13. Hmmmmm sounds like a phony name if ever I heard one.

But even if it is a fake moniker, the question he asks is legit. It’s actually brilliant in it’s simplicity. He wants to know:

“Where do they plan on playing Phil Evans this season, Kingsport or Brooklyn? Also same question for Nimmo and Marquez? Thanks!”

Thanks? Is this guy for real? Or maybe he was sent by another blog site to see the way we deal with tough Mets questions here at MMO. And that is a tough question. One that, if I’m not careful, could make me look really stupid. And I don’t need any help in that department, thank you very much.

I had originally picked Phil Evans to start the year in Savannah, so that’s strike one right there, now I have to pick him, Marquez and Nimmo? That’s going to take some research, give me a minute…..Okay, that wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.

The most obvious pick is Brad Marquez. The guy has zero experience in pro ball, and is extremely raw as a prospect. In addition, he is learning a new position this spring as he tackles center field, so I think it’s a safe bet that he will start on the bottom rung of the minor league ladder, at Kingsport. I look for him and Joey Tuschak to be fixtures for the K-Mets in CF and LF in 2012.

Nimmo has a lot more time in minor league camp in 2012, plus the time spent in the organization in August and September last year. So it wouldn’t be out-of-the-question for him to push his way to Brooklyn. But my gut instinct tells me he will start out manning RF in Kingsport, where a quick start might get him a fast promotion to the NY Penn League.

I mean, since there’s absolutely no need to rush the guy, why present him with a big challenge like playing with a bunch of guys two or three years older than himself in the NY Penn? The smart move would be to start him out with kids his own age, let him get his feet wet, get some confidence, and see if his natural talent will allow him to rise to the top of the Appy league. Then you send him to Brooklyn.

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That leaves Evans. I believe that for at least the time being they will leave him at shortstop. I mean the guy is so young it certainly can’t hurt. Assuming they don’t go high for a shortstop in the 2012 draft, the Mets will have to decide who will go where between Phil Evans, and Juan Carlos Gamboa at Kingsport and Brooklyn.

Don’t ask me why but I just feel that Evans has a wee bit more polish than Gamboa, and so the best way to initially utilize their talents are with Gamboa at Kingsport, and Evans at Brooklyn. Of course that would get blown out of the water if they draft a college shortstop, like a Danny Muno. Then I could see Evans playing second at Kingsport with Gamboa at short. This is a pretty tough call, I just make it look easy.

So there you go Fonzie13….if that’s your real name….it looks like this right now:

2012 Mets Top Prospect Landing Zones

Phillip Evans: Brooklyn

Bradley Marquez: Kingsport

Brandon Nimmo: Kingsport

That’s it for this lame-ass edition of Ask Petey. If you have a Mets minor league question you just have to know the answer to, don’t lose sleep over it….Ask Petey!