3 Up & 3 Down: The Happy Recap – Fabulous in Philly Edition

Valdespin, Davis and Nickeas played prominent roles in Philly sweep.

The New York Mets started off this road trip in fine fashion by sweeping all three games from the Philadelphia Phillies. Each of the games were exciting, and could, in fact merit their individual 3 & 3, however in honor of the three game Philly sweep, we’re going to disregard the regular 3 & 3 format, extend the 1/2 inning and go with a six pack of ups!!

6 Ups:

Jordany Valdespin: On Monday night, Valdespin did what every baseball fan dreams of, he hit the game winning home run and as a pinch hitter no less! SNY caught Valdespin talking to the ball as it left CBP. After, on the post game show, Valdespin dedicated the home run to his mother. What a great story, and what a great win!!

Do You Believe in Comebacks?: In each of the three games, the Mets played comeback baseball. They held the game close going up against the solid Phillies starting rotation, however once the Phils went to the pen, the Mets went to town. In the past it’s been the other way around. could it be the old Mets Magic is coming back?

Ike Davis: If you’re a Met fan, you got hope Ike Davis is starting to turn it around at the plate. It was a great sign to see Ike hitting the ball hard, and hitting a game busting home run on Wednesday night.

Tough Thole: Monday night Josh Thole got hit by a bus known as Ty Wigginton at home plate. Thole held on to the ball, to record the out, then left the game. He’s currently on the new concusssion DL, and we wish him a speedy recovery.

Shane Victorino: Remember a few years back, when the Mets lost a game in Philly because Marlon Anderson was out of the baseline on a double play? Wasn’t it great to see the same thing happen to Victorino and the Phillies? Even better, wasn’t it nice to see Victorino dive for a ball in cenerfield, miss the ball, and have the Mets get a triple that would score on the next play? Victorino did not look good in this series. Sorry ’bout your bad luck.

Philly Phans Phlee Early: Great work by SNY catching all those rough, tough and loyal Phillie fans leaving CBP early Wednesday night, after Ike’s home run. Hey it’s been a tough week for the Philadelphia sports fans: The Mets sweep three, the Flyers get booted from the playoffs, and Jason Werth says he’ll do everything he can to make sure the Philly fans don’t have anymore downtown celebrations.

Stunned Phillies fans... Okay, lets have a caption contest!

A great 3 games for our guys, now it’s off to the ultra modern Marlins Park for a Friday night game and day games Saturday and Sunday. Lets Go Mets!!