3 Up & 3 Down: Snake Charmer’s Edition

The New York Mets wound up the three game homestand by taking two of the three games against the Arizona D-Backs. Keeping the introduction as short as this homestand, here are the 3 & 3 from this series.

3 Up:

  • Johan’s First Win: On Saturday Johan Santana notched his first win since September of 2010. Johan has pitched superbly, with the exception of one horrible start down in Atlanta. This time the Mets were finally able to score some runs and hold the game for him. I’ve said it before, and it bears repeating Johan has been a true ace so far this season.
  • R.A. Dickey: Dickey pitched another gem on Sunday carrying a shutout into the the ninth inning. Our knuckleballer has been money in the bank this season.
  • Daniel Murphy: On Saturday, Murph was 4-4. On Sunday he was 1-3 knocking in two runs. Over the last three games Murphy has batted 7-12 and he continues to prove his case as a bona fide major league hitter!!



3 Down:

  • Ruben Tejada Injury: Ruben Tejada has been so good this season, he has Met fans saying “Jose who?”. Tejada is not as flamboyant as Reyes is, but so far this young season, he’s been getting the job done. Sadly, Tejada had to leave Sunday’s game with what’s being diagnosed as a sprained quad. Listening to the coverage on WFAN was pretty horrifying and we wish nothing but the best, and a speedy recovery to Ruben.
  • Leaky Bullpen: Friday night we watched the Mets pen blow another game, this time thanks to Jon Rauch. Let’s face it though, it’s not only Rauch. The entire bullpen, with the exception of Bobby Parnell, has been bad. No lead is safe, and whose heart wasn’t in their mouth when Frank Francisco’s final pitch on Sunday landed in Lucas Duda’s glove with his back against the wall?
  • Eric Karros: I dread when Met games are on FOX. The good news is, we were spared Buck and McCarver and instead had Kenny Albert and Eric Karros on Saturday. Albert is solid, and we love his football work with Moose & Goose. Karros, well… he stinks. It’s one thing making a point, it’s another being a jerk. Case in point cam in the ninth inning of Saturday’s game when Karros kept repeating, “I’ll say it again, the Diamondbacks had 49 comeback wins last season.”


Big, big, big week on tap for the good guys. Three night games in the bandbox at the end of Jersey Turnpike, before going to the ultra modern domed home of the Marlins. Keep up the good work Mets, and LGM!!!