MMO Roundtable: Andres Torres To Unseat Kirk Nieuwenhuis In Center Field

The best thing about a Mets fan site as diversified as ours, is a fair representation and good cross-section of fan sentiment on many of the hot topics we cover extensively at MMO. Today, we tackle the ongoing debate between the hot-hitting, slick fielding rookie Kirk Nieuwenhuis versus journeyman Andres Torres who is healthy again and returns to the Mets lineup tonight against Houston.

Should Andres Torres replace Kirk Nieuwenhuis in centerfield?

Joe D. – I haven’t seen such dazzling defensive plays in centerfield like this since Carlos Beltran last played center field for us before his knee surgery. Check that because Beltran was so graceful and gifted his plays never looked as jaw dropping as Kirk’s does. But this kid excites me and as long as he keeps hitting and fielding like he has, there’s no way he should be removed from his current role on the team. His enthusiasm and gritty play has become contagious. What team in their right mind would even consider changing anything right now in center field? Leave it to the Mets to give precedence to a journeyman outfielder who was thrown into a trade a night before he was going to be non-tendered by the Giants. If the Mets were running the show back in the day, Wally Pipp would have replaced Lou Gehrig upon his return from the DL.

Tyler M. – No. Kirk so far has played extremely well, and he’ll be the long-term centerfielder for the New York Mets. If they want to have Torres in the lineup, while Bay is gone he should play left field. Kirk shouldn’t be kicked out of centerfield in this situation.

Brandon B. – Kirk Nieuwenhis has been a godsend for the Mets. Nobody expected Kirk to play the game the way he has.  He’s been hitting the ball very well and he has had his moments defensively.  However, when you have situations come up like this, its going to be tough no matter what. I feel that Kirk deserves to remain in CF.  The guy is a step above Torres in center-field overall.  He has the ability to hit for power, and he is a step above Torres defensively.

Gregg H. – Torres-Nieuwenhuis is a real interesting situation. Torres should be given a chance to play, but in his absence Nieuwenhuis did a real good job. For the time being I’d slide Captain Kirk to left field and see what Torres has to offer. A fourth outfielder will also help foster a little competition.

Jim M. – Why does the organization feel that it needs to be loyal to Andres Torres? He’s done nothing so far and Kirk has been great, offensively and defensively. Leave Kirk in center. Actually though, I’m OK with having Torres leadoff and bat Kirk maybe seventh.

XtreemIcon – My call would be to play Torres in LF, but I don’t have much of an issue giving Torres the leadoff spot for now. I don’t think Nieuwenhuis cares a whole lot where he hits, nor will he let it affect him. I’d give Torres a short leash, though.

Jessep – Andres Torres to bounce Kirk Nieuwenhuis out of center field and lead-off spot? Is it the right call? Not sure. I think you gotta give Torres a shot here. If he’s a better defensive CF than Kirk, then putting Kirk in LF just makes the overall defense better. Give him a chance, but have a short leash.

Joe S. – Neither players are prototypical lead off hitters although Kirk does seem to have better discipline. Too much concern is placed on where a hitter hits. Kirk needs at bats, period. As to positions, Kirk needs to stay in center.

Dan V. – It’s tough. Torres is still a gold glove caliber Center Fielder, so I could be alright with the defensive move, but the lead-off spot I’m not so sure. Nieuwenhuis will help at the bottom of the order, especially with Ike still not hitting. Terry needs to have a quick trigger finger should Torres struggle at the top. We can not afford to have an easy out in the lead-off spot.

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