Hits And Misses: Mets Season Tix Are Mega-Cool, Forbes Doesn’t Impress Me, Johan and Dickey Do

It’s been a heck of a week for me with the publishers deadline for our 2012 Mets Annual upon me and various other things, but I always find time for my Mets. Before I get into some things, our friends at Real Dirty Mets have some openings for new writers. If you’re interested in trying your hand at blogging or already blog and want to contribute to them, give’em a shout.

If pitching is everything, then we’re gonna need some of ours to step up this season. So far, Johan Santana, R.A. Dickey and Jon Niese have looked impressive. So impressive in fact that they’ve out-pitched Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee and Cole Hamels. Yes I know it’s only Spring, but I may never get another chance to say that this season so I’m going for it. Oh and Dillon Gee hasn’t looked so bad either. Who says I’m never optimistic?

Forbes Magazine came out with their annual list of MLB Team Values and as usual they are full of crap. Trust me, there is not one single baseball team that shares their accounting ledgers or their P&L Statements with Forbes. It’s all just their staffers making predictions based on their best guesses. Case in point, last year they had the Los Angeles Dodgers valued at $800 million. Of course the Dodgers suffered through a terrible season of financial turmoil with MLB eventually taking control of the team from the McCourts. So their value in 2012 should be lower right? Wrong. A few weeks ago reports surfaced that the Dodgers will probably sell somewhere around $2 billion or more. I asked Maury Brown of the Business of Baseball about it and he told me probably closer to $1.8 billion. So now the Dodgers are valued by Forbes at $1.4 billion an increase of $600 million even though their own stats say revenues were lower in 2012. How about we call a spade a spade and say the Dodgers were always worth more than $800 million all along… A lot more… So now they want me to believe that a New York based team like the Mets is worth $750 million less than the Dodgers?  Umm okay, whatever you say.

Mike Pelfrey has a high ankle sprain? Somehow they kept this under wraps for the entire Spring and only after he had his ass handed to him in his last start, did this little tidbit make it’s way onto our radar. You can’t make this stuff up. Was there an MRI performed that was never reported, or is this one of those phantom injuries that will allow them to keep him in extended spring training if need be? I got a funny feeling MLB is gonna want to see that MRI if he starts the season on the DL. Seriously, if I’m Mike Pelfrey I’d keep two eyes on Matt Harvey…

Baseball America just ranked the Mets farm system at No. 25. But, but, but, Fangraphs had them at No. 16… It just goes to show you how subjective it all is. Everyone is always trying to predict something in the pre-season and then they drown us with second guessing after the season. But I guess this is what baseball fans like to read these days. I think all the wonderful drama of the season gets lost amid all these guessing games. Just watch the games, enjoy them and talk about them afterwards. Is this a good time to tell you that our MMO 2012 MLB Predictions will be released on April 2nd? Ain’t I a stinker?

You like what you see? Those are what the 2012 Mets Season Tickets look like this year. Each one of them honoring one of 81 different Mets. Pretty cool, huh? I wonder what a set of those will sell for on eBay after the season? I wouldn’t mind adding those bad boys to my collection. Can you guess who’s featured on the Game No. 8 ticket? I wonder what ticket Jeff Franceour is featured on? 😉

Later everyone… Have yourselves a great weekend!

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